woensdag 2 januari 2013

Family Visit

Hello <3
Yesterday I went to my grandparents while the rest of the family was also there. It wasn't as bad as I expected. I had a lot of fun with my little niece. She was kind of hyperactive and wanted to play with everyone. She is such a cute kid ^^ my little nephew was a bit tired and was playing games on his mother's cellphone. but after a while I got bored and just broke in on their wifi XD but after that I was totally tired and too sucked up in my K-Pop video's that I forgot to blog :p

Today I went to my twinsister, we don't live in the same town anymore so I have to take the train to visit her. But everything went totally wrong. I was already late and when I finally stepped on my bicycle it turned out something was wrong with my wheel. So my mom brought me to the station and the last minute it turned out I didn't have the card you have to pay with to take the train. So we wanted to buy a ticket with money but the ticket-automat only accepted coins so we tried to change or buy a ticket at the office/loket whatever you call that, but they didn't try to help us. So we had 10 euro and had to buy two different things to get change we could use for the automat. It was a great pain in the *** and I even missed my train because of that. I really hate all those rude people.
And then I met my twinsister and we had some huge camera fails. I took her camera with me since it was still here since she moved out. First we discovered there wasn't a memory card inside and then we bought one since she wanted to take pictures very badly. But then her battery died and it was very depressing just the wrong timing. Then I gave her my Spotmatic but unfortunately there is some kind of defect in there too. I still don't know whatever it is but I'm still trying to find out. So finally I gave her my Sardina so she could still shoot some pictures too and I shot the roll in my Sprocket Rocket totally full.  Despite everything we had a great time. There was another ice slide again (we loved it previous year too) but the adults were reprimanding us :( we probably couldn't enjoy those things since we weren't six anymore. But yeah we paid 9 freaking buck for the entrance so better to enjoy ourselfs right?

After that we still went to do a little bit shopping, I only bought 1 set of elastics (they're so cute) from H&M and fitted a shirt I liked a while ago but wasn't in the color I wanted. But my sister didn't really like it so I decided not to buy it. When I came home I still went online to search for a new laptop since mine officially died a few days ago.

R.I.P. bad Laptop I won't freaking miss you cuz you wouldn't even let me edit my video's play dvd's or do whatever I wanted to do :(

And on a side note I totally love I got a boy from SNSD I totally love all their outfits and hairstyles. I am totally digging the green ombre hair, Sica's brown/blonde/pink/purple locks. Maybe ideas for next hairstyles for me ^^ and babo me even cried at the lyrics. I think they are very deep. This is their first song that has a deeper meaning right? It's about changing your personality for the person you love and trying to appear all perfect since he doesn't appreciate the real you. I'll be totally repeating this non-stop.
I really love Yoona's rap, the lyrics are especially portraying the part of trying to be all perfect to win someone's heart. This choreo is also killing and can't wait to learn it too. But I hope they do somewhat better live since I went almost deaf when I heard some performances of 'The Boys'. They have amazing vocals imo but somehow they don't get enough training, when they have performed the song more often it's always much better.


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