maandag 31 december 2012

Fireworks & Boredom

Hello everybody~!!!
I want to sincerely wish everyone a new year <3

I am very tired now and I think I will go to bed once I finished the drama's that have been loading for the past afternoon. My internet was a total bitch and didn't let me watch my drama's :(

Today was not really anything special since I stayed a long time in bed again, I slept till late afternoon and then ate a lot of the new year's treats. I planned staying home but on the last minute I still decided to watch fireworks outside instead of from my window. And me and my little sister walked around in the neighbourhood but we live in this deserted town so everyone was inside their houses XD Later she picked up a friend who had the same name as me and we had a lot of fun even though they are a lot younger than me. I thought I would just lonely celebrating it all by myself but still 3 of my friends thought of me apparently. I felt so happy with their texts and even got a (sadly enough I missed it) call.
But my sister and I were outside experimenting with my Sardina. We tried lightpainting I ordered my sister to draw a heart and made another picture of her holding firework. I hope my firework photos come out a little bit nice because after a few shots I saw the focus was on macro. But well I will see how it turns out.
Tommorow I will be celebrating with my grandparents, aunt, uncle & their children. I don't like my family really much but I always love to play with my cousin and nephew. They are great subjects for photography too. But I'll let you guys know how it was.

Greetz for now and sleep tight everybody <3

Happy 2013


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