zondag 30 december 2012

Dramathons FTW

I have been doing totally nothing at all today and this vacation. I finished another drama again today hooray. It's 'The Devil'  and I already saw Maou, the Japanese version a long while ago. This one is much older and longer. But I really liked it too.
I am thinking about writing a post about the hits and misses on dramaland. I saw a list of the drama's that aired this year and I was actually pretty much stunned by how many I saw. It was really a lot. But if I can finish some more dramas this vacation I will most likely finish my 100th drama. *big achievement* but the most funny *cough cough totally not obsessed* is that I am somewhat more than 2 years addicted now. So that will mean I practically watched 50 in one year :o but before I make the list I still plan on watching 5 more popular dramas (school 2013, Reply 1997, Nice Man and more)

Tomorrow is already the last day of 2013 as you probably know :p That will mean lots of delicious food since I need to gain weight anyways and I can only eat that stuff once a year sadly enough.

I can't even think of any specific highlights of this year but it wasn't that great and I hope next year will be better. If I really have to think of highlight I would probably only name songs and drama's XD But well maybe I will make a list tomorrow if I'm still as bored as I am now. Or watch pretty fireworks. But probably not since that's late at night and I would have to get dressed and abandon my computer and Oppa's :'(

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