dinsdag 12 juli 2016

Inspiration From Narnia?!

So yeah normal people totally judge me for it but confession time: I still absolutely adore the narnia movies. A while ago I watched all three movies in a row and they made me so happy and I felt so inspired by the costumes. Years ago I have made designs based on the movie and they would be kind of hard to actually recreate but I needed an outfit that made me feel like I was a queen of this magical land behind the wardrobe (I looked in mine but didn't find anything but socks with holes)

 I made a very simple pants using the pattern of an old pajama pants. It has an elastic waistband and I added cross stitches to the bottom for that fantasy look. I combined the pants with a second-hand top that has a lot of lace which isn't so visible in the pictures (believe me it's there) and since a lot of the costumes were accessorized by big belts I pulled out my favorite one. I haven't worn these boots a lot because the heel doesn't make them extremely comfortable but no shoes fit this outfit better than they do.


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