zaterdag 18 juni 2016

Haulternative: Clothing Transformations

So, a while ago I heard of this "Haulternative" thing it's basically a movement against the fast fashion industry and the pressure of constantly buying new clothes and stuff to fit in. I haven't bought from chain stores for so long (which was my new years resolution) I also limited my thrifted purchases since I really don't need new stuff anymore. But well I just want to show a bit how items in my closet have been changed recently. Because well why spend money on new clothes when you can recycle your old stuff right ^^

I have always loved this cardigan from H&M so much just the material and the fit but I think it was a size small or medium so it hasn't fitted me very good and it was super tight around the arms. I was really hesitant cutting it up but I also wanted to keep on wearing it. I just removed the arms and made the armholes a bit bigger. I like how it turned out the asymetrical silhouette is way more visible this way and a great piece for layering without much extra warmth. This outfit gives me quite a dystopian feeling I love it.

These two pieces started off as dresses as you can see. The fit of the top part didn't make me feel confident and I was constantly pulling at it, I felt it was also quite unflattering. I gave both a good second life as skirts. The floral skirt was supposed to be knee-length but I measured the elastic for around my waist instead of it's original height but for now im keeping it like this ^^

I bought this tulle (bit overpriced) skirt at Forever 21 quite some time ago. It went unworn ever since it landed in my closet. Their sizes only go to L which is a bit too small for my fat ass apparently... The lining was really tight and uncomfortable and I was fooling around with making it shorter and a slit but it all didn't work out that well so I just cut it off completely. It is now great for layering and dressing up any plain dress even though that might be a little bit too fancy for normal occasions but I love the way it looks!

This was all for this post I have another one coming up with my vintage dress alterations. Hope y'all stay creative and are able to drink loads off tea~

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  1. I hadn't heard of having haulternatives yet, but I love the idea! Brilliant! I also love your re-vamped cardigan.