dinsdag 20 augustus 2013

Feeling Productive Today

I did a lot today. Early this morning I had a appointment with someone who always helps me with financial and other stuff (can't find a good word for it damn you english) I had a lot of trouble with paying my insurances, I definitely paid but there went something wrong so they couldn't see I paid. I was totally shocked when they told me I still needed to pay over 400 euro's. But tomorrow I hope to fix everything.

After the appointment I even ate lunch since a long time. Things aren't going very well so I eat very poorly and not even more than one meal a day in the worst cases. I had a lot of energy so I decided to visit the bank since I had to show them my ID-card because my account would be cancelled otherwise. And since I already had too much stress because of my other insurances I didn't want to let that happen too. However they weren't very quick changing my information since they were confused by the information of my twinsister. So I had to wait for half an hour. It was pretty far, so I had my daily exercise too.

I had to be home at 3 actually because my friend said she still came to pick some stuff up. I didn't make it but luckily she was later. I started cleaning my room, I put all the clothes back in the closet since they were all on the floor. After dinner I also had to help with washing the dishes and even did the laundry. I really did a lot today.

This is really a busy week for me, but most of it are just preparations for a K-Pop meeting a friend and me are organizing Thursday and Abunai, a Dutch anime convention saturday.

I'll keep you updated.


donderdag 8 augustus 2013

Busy week again

Hey guys~
A week ago I had a sleepover with my boyfriend and a lot of his friends. We watched movies till 3 am, took a walk to watch some stars and tried to sleep after that. I only tried very hard but didn't succeed, but that was very expected since I had to share one airbed with my boyfriend. It was annoying as hell but later on he decided to move on the mattress he placed earlier on because it was too hot (well at least for him since I was freezing) But there was another problem since we only had one blanket. So I didn't sleep very well *obvious* But it was a very fun night and I'm glad I got to see him since he was gone for a week.

I'm busy working on a costume with my best friend since I will be going to an anime convention with her in about 3 weeks. I'm so excited since my last one was 10 months ago and I wanna see all my friends so badly. Also I'm making plans with one of my friends to go to a Korean BBQ restaurant in Amsterdam. It's one of the things I really wanna do and I really can't wait. I saw the menu and all those dishes look so good and I just wanna try everything. And even better it's also all you can eat!! But you have to pay for left-over dishes which is a pity, so I have to train my stomach a bit before going there :p