zaterdag 18 augustus 2012

Zombiewalk 2012 Amsterdam

hey everyone~

I'm back from my sleepover. I returned yesterday and was tired as hell and still spend like 3 hours behind my laptop but didn't have the energy to write a post. Because I'm currently recovering from a car-accident every movement hurts like hell. Despite that I still wanted to have a wonderful time.

Before I went to Amsterdam another friend asked me if I would be in Amsterdam this Friday because he wanted someone to accompany him to the zombie walk. He wanted to go very badly because he missed last year too. So I dragged the friend who lived there along with me. Most people were really scary they even freaked me out a little bit :o
The idea was basically a lot of walking through the shopping streets to scare people and after that we chilled in the park. I talked a lot with other people and made some new friends. The friend who invited me came later so first I was a little bit awkward with starting to talk to other people and stuff. Later on I found out most are the anime-obsessed kind of people, who I can easily talk with. After that I just sat down with the people who began talking to me while we were walking and it was really fun. Because my friend who came later couldn't quite find the spot we picked him up. It was really great to see him again after a few weeks.

After all this we went to the malls again and looked for some restaurants and separated in groups. I just ordered some ice cream because I don't have much of an appetite these days and it was really hot outside (and even inside). The only things that were distracting me of the fun were my pain and some random dude who suddenly decided to throw a ice-cube in my shirt o.O It's in my opinion just wrong to do it to a girl if you're a guy. And he was wearing girly nail polish and talked a lot about heels and stuff, he was very weird.

Some people walked with us to the station and I left with the friend who invited me. I already made a travel route but he said I could do it another way so i could travel with him. I ended up spending a lot longer time with it but it was worth it. The train was really full so we had to sit on the stairs for a bit. but later on some seats came free and I immediately claimed two seats to each other so we could sit to each other. But some woman ended up taking that seat before he asked if he could sit there and said: Aah I'm sorry, your (girl)friend just looked very nice. And because we dutch people have the same phrase for that I felt a bit awkward. But then we had to laugh very hard about it >__< He also wanted to buy some bubble tea (he's addicted to that) but the store was closed so we just went to the supermarket to buy drinks.

Amsterdam is a great city and stuff but WHY THE HECK CAN'T YOU SEE ANY STARS THERE???!!! Anyways kind of glad I came home so I can see them again~. I still have to eat a bit because we held a BBQ with family and they only served things I really don't like so I ended up eating just a little bit. After that I'll be going to sleep immediately because I'm still really tired.


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