dinsdag 14 augustus 2012


I know I've got only 2 pagevieuws by now but that will not stop me from blogging ^o^
I'll be going away for a few days. I will stay over with a friend who doesn't live really close by :s.
Today I realised (again) how hard it was to pack clothes for trips when you're Mori girl. I don't like bare skin and such so i'm always wearing shirts and leggings under too much exposing dresses. But, my problem is that I only have a few of those, and then they don't match all those clothes that I'm bringing and stuff.
Mweeh this was just a random rage about packing when you're addicted to Mori-Kei >__<

I just hope it will be a lot of fun and I will arrive at my destination without problems, as in: conductors who send me the wrong way even though I stated my question and direction clearly. But I know where to go now so it shouldn't be much of a problem I guess.

Talk to you later~

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