donderdag 21 november 2013

Movie Night & Fashion Design

Hey guys~
I had such a few busy/sleepless days these week XD Wednesday the sequel of the Hungergames would be released and I made a promise with my twinsister that we would see it on the night of the premier. I didn’t expect it to be showed at midnight but we still went as hardcore fans. Our cinema organised some special Hunger Games Night, which meant they first showed the first one and then on midnight the second after it. I was originally going with only my twinsister but she told one of her former housemates that we would see it that night. She was excited as hell and asked if she could go with us. I knew her a little and she turned out to be really nice. Due to a miscommunication we were worried she couldn’t sit next to us because we ordered a chair on the other side of the room. But we switched some seats and she was able to sit beside us.
That morning I was absolutely tired ofcourse but it was totally worth it!! I thought the movie was amazing and just as great as the previous one. There were a lot of dissapointed people, but they didn’t even read the books so they didn’t know what to expect probably. As a big fan of the books I was still amazed and liked it a lot.
School was such a hell, nothing went well. I totally learned I should never ever think: ‘well it can’t get any worse now’. Because, yes it can.
In the afternoon I went to visit Ikea with my mother to shop some new furniture for my new apartment. Stupid me forgot her wallet so I still have to pay her back XD And I was extremely hungry and nauseous because I didn't even eat anything much. So asked her to buy me food( I totally felt like a 8-year old but that was kinda fun :p )After the lunch-stop we looked around for furniture I immediately saw something that was perfect as a housewarming gift for my twinsister (she got me some scented candles and I didn't even give her anything yet). And I saw such a cheap table it was only 30€. A while later I saw the most perfect chair to go with it. It had such a great mori-kei feel and I just couldn't stop screaming how gorgeous it was. There were even pretty pillows that you could put on top of it. I was soooo in love. I also bought a lot of organisers like boxes. The room is very small so it would definitely help if I can put a lot of my stuff under my bed. I still have to get my bookshelf. My mother is still going to come there again soon with my twinsister so she will bring it along then.
If all this isn’t enough stress, I also had an appointment for my new study. I decided to stop with High School and already start my study as a fashion designer. In the Netherlands you have different kind of study greeds (don’t know how this works in other countries tho) and I am now going to do something lower than I can do if I score well for my High School exams. But I am going on with studying till finish the highest greed (the one I was planning to do after my exams) So it’s another way but this way I don’t have to take my exams. And they said it would be easier to get into the school I wanted to go, since they have a lot of qualifications and it will probably be more stressful.
I will keep you guys updated about the moving and the study.

maandag 18 november 2013

Running Man Meeting

Yesterday I had an amazing K-Pop meeting. I met such a lot of new people and one of my best friends came too. I was so excited to see her again after such a long while (well maybe just 2 months or so) We played some games like Running Man (Korean variety show) has. But we got a lot of nagging from security guards even though we were very careful not to disturb others. It spoiled the fun very much. Even when we were just sitting down in the mall we had to leave because we were apparently violating rules. And we couldn't even read those rules somewhere so they just made something up.

We had such a great time that even after the games we still did everything to be together even longer. We ate meals together and even visited Starbucks. And even though I have to be extremely careful with my money because of buying new things for my new home I couldn't resist buying some green tea.

The train was really quite on my way back, I was home a bit late and felt crappy with waking up. But I had an amazing time.


zaterdag 16 november 2013

Great Weekend Already

Hey Guys~
Yesterday I've been to the town I grew up in. So nostalgic <3 it's such a cute city. I went there to pick up my developed pictures but what a shock!! They charged me 28€ for two films. They printed all my pictures and they won't even give me a CD I don't even know what this bullshit is but it's soo expensive ;__;
After my shopping (did such a lot of shopping this week really abnormal) I got to a cafe and bought myself some hot chocolate. So good to buy hot drinks in the winter and enjoy them while listening to good ballads. In one day I met a cousin and a girl I didn't see for like 5 years again. It was so good to be able to talk to them again.

Today travelling wasn't so relaxing. I still wanted to do a lot of stuff like going to the zoo, or even to the market to buy some cheap fruits and stuff. But the trains weren't even riding. It would take me hours to even get to Amsterdam and from there I would still have to take a metro. So I couldn't go to the zoo again this weekend. But I had to be in my hometown very early again So I just decided to give up and travel back to be on time. I met up with one of my best friends and my twinsister and her best friend (who's a guy) but he was like really sick and close to dying these past few weeks. So I was incredibly happy to see him ofcourse. I spent for 130€ on books ;___; but now I have probably all the English classics ever made. I still have to count the total of books. I had so much fun and I even traveled back with my friend so I could still chat some more with her on the train. On the way back I read the Hunchback of the Notre Dame. I didn't even have music with me (soo stupid) but it was very quiet so it didn't matter after all.

Tomorrow I have a special 'Running Man Meeting' as in the one of the korean variety show. It's gonna be so much fun and I'll keep you updated!!


donderdag 14 november 2013

Continuing my previous post

This weekend was totally crazy. We went to the airport to welcome the Exo leaders for the AMA's that were held in the Netherlands this year. But it was such a disappointment due to Jessica's or Tifanny's accident (one of the SNSD member's) they didn't let us see them. We waited for like 24 hours if it wasn't more. We didn't even sleep and we were already broken before they even arrived. The people working at the airport had been lying to us for the whole weekend already and we were already sick and tired of all their excuses saying they would arrive with the next plane. But the took some exit we couldn't reach so nobody got to see them. And exotics are pretty dangerous I am never ever going to meet with them again. They are so aggressive. My friend even had to take medicine and see a doctor because of all the pushing people behind her did.

Today I went to some kind of book event. There was just a big hall full of books and you could just fill a cart and check your books out if you were done shopping. Just like a giant bookstore with very cheap books. All the English literature books were only 2€ instead of the usual 10€. And on top of that they weren't used, even though I love second-hand books more because of the smell (yes i'm weird like that) but considering that it is really close to free. I bought like 20 books already for 42.50€ and this Saturday I'm visiting again with a friend which is good since I still saw a lot of books I wanted to buy but I was afraid I couldn't carry that much home.

Lately I've been so chaotic, I've been losing everything. Even important things as keys are gone for a few hours. It is so bad I just want the moving to be over very quickly. It is so frustrating to live at two places at once since you can't keep a track of what is where. I hope to move at the end of the month since I'll be getting my furniture on the 20th. I am so excited and I will definitely upload photos when it's done.


woensdag 13 november 2013

Found A New Place

Hey Guys~
Lately I have been so busy with finding myself a new home. And I can now finally say I've got one!!
I just wanna fill you in about last weeks:

31 October:
Finally some of my messages on the site where you can search for apartments/rooms were replied. I got 3 replies in total which isn't really much. But considering I'm still a high school student and they don't want really want me in student appartments and stuff I was quite lucky. So I made an appointment with the room I was interested in the most. The owner was really nice and clear about everything. Everything was clean even though my 3 housemates would be guys.

1 November
I still made an appointment with the owner of the room I didn't really like but I still went to look around. It was a smaller room and it even had a slanted roof. He showed me another room, but it was the attic and there was a roof instead of walls and yes it was a slanted roof again. Like where the heck am I going to put my closets etc then? And he was acting a bit weird so I didn't feel really comfortable there. Even though the housemates were all female except for the landlord himself (which he didn't even mention in his ad) The owner of the other apartment called and we made an appointment for contract-signing.

2 November
I decided to postpone the signing and take a day off otherwise I would definitely have a break-down. So I went to the zoo and I didn't really feel very good so first I just sat down at the aquarium and read a book. I visited the planetarium too but it made me kind of dizzy but it was still fun. Later I felt better and wandered around to make pictures. It was soo pretty I definitely recommend going to the zoo in autumn. Especially Artis it has such a beautiful scenery and it autumn it's even prettier.

3 November
I slept a really long time but afterwards I went to some second-hand market. It was so big. You had the pay 4€ so I was kind of hesitant to go but it turned out to be worth it. I have 5 new analogue cameras now and they are so beautiful. Turned out I had less money in my pockets then I wanted to spend. Such beautiful camera's there!!! The contract-signing went well and I got my keys :D

5 November
Someone who is currently living with me helped me with moving the stuff that was still at my parent's house. It was such a lot. I kind of abandoned all of my furniture except for my bed. And all the rest of the stuff was in boxes. Turns out I really have a lot. So I spend a few days sorting it all out and 25% of the stuff or even more are things I don't want anymore. I have such a hard time throwing things away, Especially clothes.

Tomorrow a post about last weekend and this week~
Sorry for neglecting you guys again <3