maandag 29 juli 2013

Museum & Shopping

Saturday I had a really great day with my twinsister!! I got a lot of stress the day before but everything turned out pretty well. There was a lot of trouble with travelling and then we had to take the bus because the trains weren't riding in around the city we wanted to visit the Primark. I bought such a lot, everything was so cheap and I liked the current collection. My total was 160€ but I'm a rich bitch now so that's okay. I really needed summer clothes because my mori-wardrobe doesn't really allow me to buy summery clothes. But it's a bit too warm for sweaters now.

After that we went to The Van Gogh Museum and his paintings were absolutely wonderful. The queue was a bit less, we had to wait for an hour! I enjoyed being there even though my body wasn't really working the way I wanted it too XD so we had to stop several times to rest. We also visited American Bookcentre since we were already in Amsterdam. My sister always wanted to go there since she saw pictures and thought it was a beautiful shop. I have already been there twice so it was less fun for me. Afterwards we ofcourse ate fries and milkshake, which I love.

This morning I went up very early to get a ticket for Jay Park <3 and I got a golden row ticket which means I will be able to see Oppa very good. I really can't wait and I'm excited as hell of course.


vrijdag 26 juli 2013

Unexpected sleepover

Since the beginning of the week I have been feeling really bad again. There are so much things on my mind at the moment and it is driving me crazy. Tuesday I went to inform for renting a room and it seemed like my chances became even smaller and even more expensive. On top of that it was really hot and I really don't like extreme weather.
Wednesday my stomach aches (I get those when I'm totally stressed out) got really bad and I decided to leave the house for a moment since being here gives me even more stress. My boyfriend was seeing some friends that afternoon and dragged me along :p The girl we visited had her own pool (lucky) and it was slightly colder but still very hot. The water was so nice and even though I couldn't really swim since I still have no swimwear I really enjoyed the water. I didn't even go into the water but since everyone was having fun my clothes got soaking wet. However we were having fun for too long so I had to stay over.

Tomorrow I will do some fun things with my twinsister but I'll keep you updated <3


zondag 21 juli 2013


Lately a lot has happened. I finally get to do stuff which would be great for blogposts actually but they exhaust me too much to find the motivation to blog about it.
People here nag a lot about me 'doing nothing all day' so I had to find a schedule which is actually making a portfolio for when I want to do a Fashion & Design study when I graduate. But I'm already busy enough and there is more pressure now which doesn't help very much.

A lot has been going wrong lately, been making a lot of stupid mistakes. Earlier this week I was over at my boyfriend's place and then I left my key there. So I had to wait for others to open the door for me which was very awkward. But luckily he had some time to bring over my key later that night, for which he had to cycle 2 hours. So after that I felt very guilty of course and treated him a milkshake and I really wanted one too (good excuse right) But because we stopped by at my old place I got to see my dog and she is still such a cutie.

I have really much negative energy around me but they said Jay Park is coming to my country. But still a little bit skeptical since they cancelled the last concert too. And I don't want to be disappointed like that again.


dinsdag 9 juli 2013

Missed You Guys~!!!

I had some busy weeks and it's pretty hard to catch up with blogging when you once start to neglect it :c
So I want to give you a short (well pretty long but it will be somewhat less detailed) summary of what I was doing the past few weeks.

Since I moved I became more energetic and I feel much better lately. I was really nervous for my oral exams and it kind of broke me down. On top of that 2 weeks before that we even had a trip to Budapest with school. Schooltrips always give me lots of stress and I don't get along really well with most of the kids, in my eyes they are pretty annoying. But the city was totally amazing, I will give a more detailed report about it later with pictures since I made a lot ^o^
The week after it I had to prepare for my orals and it failed, since I had too much stress I asked my teachers if I could skip the presentation part since I've never given a good presentation and always started laughing or crying like crazy. But yeah my teachers never listen when I tell them something is way over my limit and then they just forcefully push me to do it which always goes wrong. Which was pitiful since we have a special education system which allows me to drop out of finals. My first exam was English and the person who was talking to me couldn't even speak english well and I didn't dare to say it so I couldn't even hear his questions about the books well so I just said I didn't understand. My Dutch was a disaster as expected the presentation went completely wrong and i just sat there crying till they moved to another part.

I nearly passed my Dutch which made me completely frustrated, but on the other hand I scored a 6.4 for English which was beyond my expectation since I got so many of the questions wrong. At first I was a bit mad at myself for failing Dutch and scoring so low on my best subject. But I got a white rose XD that's always nice right :p

After that my vacation began and I planned a lot of activities. I did a lot of cleaning and grocery shopping. I haven't cleaned my room since I moved here which was like a month ago. It took me the whole afternoon to clean everything and when I was done I dropped a box of cookies on the floor >__< just my luck :/

I bought some new items at H&M a few days ago and I am still looking for summer shoes. Although I probably won't find them anymore. But I bought 2 dresses and one shirt. But always forget to take pictures and stuff.

That was it for today ^o^