zondag 12 juni 2016

Self-Made Mori Outfit

It's been quite a while again <3 Yesterday there was an anime convention in the Netherlands. I took part in the Japanese fashion show and had a blast! It went way better than the other ones I was in I was way less nervous. For months even I was unsure what to wear since I always decide very last minute but once again 3 days before the event I got tons of inspiration and motivation to make something myself so after I got the materials I sew it all in the remaining 2 days. I drew my inspiration from Star Wars this is what I'd wear if I would live on Jakku. I also went with a little bit of a post apocalyptic feeling. 

Since the main pieces are completely made out of old clothes I'm gonna talk a bit about the process. Note that I layered this with a tank top and leggings I didn't make myself haha. I dressed it up with a thrifted belt that I tie up with some ribbon since I didnt like the original closing.

The top was probably the hardest and longest from all three. I bought an 2 euro XL shirt at the thrift shop because I didnt exactly like the color combination of my original top. It was on the verge of a disaster and thought I was going to be unable to save it after I cut a major deep neckline for my off the shoulder idea. But to be fair it was the first time I did something off-shoulder and I solved it by a rectangle with elastic at the top two rectangles as sleeves (they were part of the actual sleeves) and added 2 meters lace and whoop I got myself a 4 euro shirt that's honestly perfect in my opinion.

These shorts were originally a skirt, I didnt like it anymore because it felt really plain and the waistband was getting too tight. I tore it apart and re-patterned it with my favorite (pj) shorts and sew elastic at the top with a zigzag stitch. I added embroidery to the bottom and it didnt go that neatly because of the knit fabric but I'm still pretty pleased with the overall look of it.

In it's last life this was a pencil skirt that got super unflattering on me. I cut it up asymmetrically and I was pretty s(cr)ewed to find out I ran out of thread for the embroidery I was meaning to do. I mixed it up with two rows of cross stitching in another shade of brown and I think I prefer this. At the back there is only one row of cross stitching. The skirt is tied with a green ribbon I originally wanted to use a sand coloured one with a golden shimmer but it turned out to be bias tape after I bought it (check better next time!! ahh) But this saved me since all my other options were pink.

I am really happy with how this all turned out and it was really worth all the work and stress even though if I'd wear this in public I'd get major stares and weird reactions.


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