vrijdag 8 januari 2016

It's Been 2 Years!!

I doubt that there are people that followed me in the beginning are still regularly checking up on this blog since ive deserted it since March 2014 but if you did or if you are just finding this blog now then expect new posts.. Back in time I decided that this platform wasn't the best for extreme personal blogging and a space to express myself in a very personal way because so many people have access to it and I switched to Tumblr which was great for the time being. Now I am getting more into crafting and sewing and I am willing to learn more and I want to share my working process not just the result (I put that on deviantart) I have also made the goal to buy less to none 'new' clothes this year and budget more (I will also be writing about that i guess) and keep everyone updated with my thrifted/second hand/vintage transformations in the hopes to inspire others to stop supporting mass production. I think it will be hard for me to get this started up because i have a tendency to go in a lot of clothing stores and then find something i like anyway. In the last year I have become vegan and very involved in environmental issues like pollution and waste and I really want to stop contributing to that as far as I can. Also nowadays I think clothing quality is really really bad I prefer the boys section for that reason too also for the price (really I recommend it) My style has become quite diferent than when I started this blog. It is now a mixture of mori kei and some days just quirky outfits with my vintage finds or weird color combinations that make me happy or it's extremely casual for school. Even so, I still feel very Mori-Girl at heart because for me the lifestyle is just about having fun and doing what you like and loving yourself along the way.


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