maandag 31 december 2012

Fireworks & Boredom

Hello everybody~!!!
I want to sincerely wish everyone a new year <3

I am very tired now and I think I will go to bed once I finished the drama's that have been loading for the past afternoon. My internet was a total bitch and didn't let me watch my drama's :(

Today was not really anything special since I stayed a long time in bed again, I slept till late afternoon and then ate a lot of the new year's treats. I planned staying home but on the last minute I still decided to watch fireworks outside instead of from my window. And me and my little sister walked around in the neighbourhood but we live in this deserted town so everyone was inside their houses XD Later she picked up a friend who had the same name as me and we had a lot of fun even though they are a lot younger than me. I thought I would just lonely celebrating it all by myself but still 3 of my friends thought of me apparently. I felt so happy with their texts and even got a (sadly enough I missed it) call.
But my sister and I were outside experimenting with my Sardina. We tried lightpainting I ordered my sister to draw a heart and made another picture of her holding firework. I hope my firework photos come out a little bit nice because after a few shots I saw the focus was on macro. But well I will see how it turns out.
Tommorow I will be celebrating with my grandparents, aunt, uncle & their children. I don't like my family really much but I always love to play with my cousin and nephew. They are great subjects for photography too. But I'll let you guys know how it was.

Greetz for now and sleep tight everybody <3

Happy 2013


zondag 30 december 2012

Dramathons FTW

I have been doing totally nothing at all today and this vacation. I finished another drama again today hooray. It's 'The Devil'  and I already saw Maou, the Japanese version a long while ago. This one is much older and longer. But I really liked it too.
I am thinking about writing a post about the hits and misses on dramaland. I saw a list of the drama's that aired this year and I was actually pretty much stunned by how many I saw. It was really a lot. But if I can finish some more dramas this vacation I will most likely finish my 100th drama. *big achievement* but the most funny *cough cough totally not obsessed* is that I am somewhat more than 2 years addicted now. So that will mean I practically watched 50 in one year :o but before I make the list I still plan on watching 5 more popular dramas (school 2013, Reply 1997, Nice Man and more)

Tomorrow is already the last day of 2013 as you probably know :p That will mean lots of delicious food since I need to gain weight anyways and I can only eat that stuff once a year sadly enough.

I can't even think of any specific highlights of this year but it wasn't that great and I hope next year will be better. If I really have to think of highlight I would probably only name songs and drama's XD But well maybe I will make a list tomorrow if I'm still as bored as I am now. Or watch pretty fireworks. But probably not since that's late at night and I would have to get dressed and abandon my computer and Oppa's :'(

zaterdag 29 december 2012

Almost wasted a week of vacation

Hello my lovelies <3
I was beginning to notice my sleeping pattern was really messed up. Lately I have been going to bed at 5 am or even later and slept till dinnertime. Because of my lack of proper meals I lack energy too. Today I got up a little past 1 pm and saw the daylight since ages hihi. It's getting dark so soon now in wintertime. So I took a long shower to wake up, it's the first thing I do when I have a day off and I'll just stay home in Pj's or comfy clothes all day long.
After that I just tried to relax since I had a fight with my mother again about my irritations towards her and my impatience to move out. I was already scheduled to move out somewhere this year but something went terribly wrong and I can't take it much longer.  After that I was pretty much stressed out and even found out I gained TWO freaking pounds. I know I have to gain weight and stuff but it was just a wrong timing and makes me a bit insecure about myself :(

Other (Mori) Girls NEVER follow my lead and just be happy and confident <3

I just went upstairs and isolated myself in my attic room once again, and yes that sounds lonely as hell but it's quiet there. I painted my toenails this lovely bright blue color. It was a present I got from some kind of Dutch Christmas celebration given by my little sister. Oh and besides that I still haven't told about the GREAT Xmas presents I received this year (including this kind of Dutch kind of xmas) My mother already promised to give me some extra money since I still needed to give my grandpa the money of his camera + flash. And on top of that she even got me my favorite manga. It's the Boys over Flowers part 17 and I absolutely adore this series I LOVE all the live-actions I'm such an addict. So I'll probably spend a lot of time giggling and obsessing about the amazingness off this book. I even found out that they don't sell it at the site I always purchase manga's that are not available in our comic store. But thinking about manga's I saw a pockets or bundles whatever you call them of the hana kimi series at my previous convention and didn't ask how much they were. I kind of regret not buying or not even asking what the price was *stupid me* but well hopefully I'll find them once again and have enough money at that time. I have the feeling I forgot to name one of my xmas presents *bad forgetful girl* but well I also got the most amazing Christmas card ever!!! It was a special created card from the person I'm in a (sadly enough fake) marriage with. I absolutely love her. It was a big A4 format card of a picture from Onew (SHINee) with a Santa hat.

Oh yeah lol I was telling about my afternoon :p
I wanted to finish some sewing projects but actually didn't even feel like carrying that big heavy sewing machine around. Lazy as hell don't blame me. So I stayed in bed again and watched some drama's. I've been so productive lately *cough cough* I already finished 4 whole drama's this vacation. I marathoned  Mr. Brain and Densha Otoko and watched the last episodes of Iris and My Girl since I started watching that a long time ago. I have the feeling I will still finish 5 or more before this vacation ends. I'm watching like 13 drama's currently. But I was really tired and didn't even eat a single thing so I fell asleep at 10 pm and woke up an hour later. But I think I really have to get to bed and not get my sleeping habits messed up again. Lol :p

Talk to you guys later <3

vrijdag 28 december 2012

Planned items

-List with refreshing drama's
The drama cliches can get a little annoying sometimes,
but luckily there are still some refreshing dramas.
-New clothing items
I bought some new clothing pieces ^^
-Mori Girl drama characters
-Mori Kei essentials
-Mori Rooms
I want to search for some inspiration because I'll move out soon.
And help other Mori Girls who want to morify their room XD
-My developped pictures
Got my lomography pictures back and never think of uploading them :p
-Good Mori Books
-My (clothing) wishlist
-Something related to Lomography
-More posts about other japanese styles 
made some on my other blog already
-History and facts about Mori Kei?
In fact I know nothing about the origin of this style o.O
My self-made clothes
I've always been too lazy to take pictures D:
- A list with famous Mori Girls?
I want to look up if there are other famous Mori Girls/ Designers

hmm I hope this is enough to rise up your expectations ^^
My laptop crashed yesterday and I am currently borrowing my sisters macbook.
And i am really annoyed with this keyboard so don't expect too much posts.
Eventually my dream is to make this a daily blog but not sure if that's gonna happen anytime soon :(

maandag 24 december 2012

Back from my one month hiatus~!!!

Hey everyone~

I'm finally back after my last post at the end of November. It's been such a long time. There has been a lot happening recently and I was feeling so bad I didn't even think about updating. So I'll tell you about all the bad and good things that happened last month so if you're interested read the post :p

To start off with the negative stuff I'll tell you shortly about these things first. Writing really helps me with finding a little peace in my mind but unfortunately I can't do it  when I am feeling too depressed. Recently a lot of bad stuff happened with me and my friends. I have always been bothered by my fatigue and I hardly do things that require getting out of bed except for school. Also last week a classmate committed suicide which made me feel completely broken. After that I lost 5 pound after eating nothing for a few days (which made me totally sick) And now I've been suffering from underweight even more. I am not a very big eater and when I encounter some kind of stress it results in me skipping meals and eating too less. I never get when girls deliberately try to starve theirself to look skinny. But on the bright side of this, I can eat a lot of chocolate and sweets to gain weight again.

However there were some good things that lightened my mood up a little bit. For example, I went shopping as I described in my last post. I bought 2 new sweaters. A brown one with sparkles and one with a panda and also a cute T-Shirt. I still want to upload pictures of stuff I bought and my outfits and such but I'm always to lazy to actually upload and my batteries are always dead when I want to take a picture. I also went to a Christmas Market in Oberhausen. I have to say it was very disappointing. I didn't have that much shopping money left and was a bit annoyed by my sister who couldn't stop talking about these expensive brands they sold there. I wasn't feeling that well either so it was a really hard day for me. I was also very excited for the concert tour of the K-Pop group A-Prince that would be coming to the Netherlands. I am so much in love with them. And I was so happy that I even got sick of excitement. However, they may cancel it due to selling too less tickets. And I am completely devastated after hearing that. I am completely in love with these boys, they aren't that popular since they only debuted one month ago. But I still have to see what they want to do and hope for the best.
I am also planning to cut my hair next year. I've been thinking about donating it for a very long time now. I think it's just the worst for a girl to be bald due to cancer or other sicknesses. And since re-blogging or liking pictures on Facebook and other sites won't help much I choose this option :p a lot of people are telling me not to do it because they like my hair long. But I definitely won't listen to them ^^ I have been thinking about getting the same hairstyle as Hyosung from Secret. It's just very simple, short hair with bangs. But it looks so gorgeous on her.

This was my comeback post for today ^^
I think I should make a short list of ideas of posts and if they're intresting enough I'll publish it to make you excited~!!!!

donderdag 29 november 2012

Patiently Waiting

Hey everyone~
My mood and condition have gotten a bit better. I'm still tired after doing the slightest movement, but today I magically happened to make a test that I should have token 5 weeks (or even more) ago. Due to a special kind of schooling I can take my time and adjust my schedule. Even after 2 hours I still hadn't filled in some of the questions but my teacher said we had to finish it some other time. After 11 weeks of school I finally took my first test :o It was still a very stressful day even though I did nothing else.

When I came home my new camera (yes I bought a new camera AGAIN) arrived after I waited three days, I expected it to arrive tomorrow due to the info on the tracking site ^^ I bought a La Sardina Copernicus~ It was already on my wishlist and there was a 10% off sale (which gave me 10 euro's discount, yaay) First I thought it didn't even have a lens cap but turned out it fell on the ground while opening the package, which I did very carefully believe it or not. After trying to understand and befriend my new comrade I came up with some kind of idea to review lomo camera's ^^ so expect some post on that :p It is sooo cute that it opens just like a tin of sardines. The description was a bit difficult to understand though and I wasn't immediately fond of the camera, but I think I still have to get used to it since I haven't started shooting yet. I am planning to take it with me with the Christmas Market in Oberhausen ^^

I did some test-shots with my supersampler and hope I can get some nice results. I'm still waiting for the photos of my Pentax Spotmatic to be developped. And tomorrow I'll be shopping for some new clothes and defo take some camera's with me~!!!


maandag 26 november 2012

First Canon EOS 300 pictures pt. 1

There were 34 photos, so I divided it in two parts.
Hope you like them, I am quite pleased with the results.

zaterdag 24 november 2012

Boredom and Fatigue

Heey everyone~

I hardly go out these days and so I don't have much to blog about, I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates therefore :( I am currently writing this while watching 'The Kind of Drama's' blogging is much more fun that way. I get irritated and abstracted when I am watching a drama that's not that suspenseful for a longer time. So mostly I'm just browsing tabs or playing with my cellphone >__<

But last Thursday I decided I wanted to some productive things and such. So my mom and I went out to the malls because I wanted to look for another multi-lens camera. I wanted the action sampler but they didn't have it in our local Lomography store. The shop-keeper said they could order it but wasn't too sure about the price. While we were on our way we also made a visit to the local farm. I haven't been there in ages, I always came there when I was little, Nostalgia~ It was already pretty dark and the sun was setting but I took my fisheye camera out anyways. The animals were pretty cute but some didn't even want to look at the camera :( I hope the photos aren't underexposed, I hate flashing animals,they NEVER like it and it was inside a building.

I also bought two sweaters, I've been needing new clothes as I found out most of my wardrobe consists of pink and is hard to combine. I saw a green sweater with a gradient effect and there was some kind of sale so you could get another sweater for 50% off so I picked up some other sweater but I think I'm gonna return it since it's a little bit too long to match it with skirts and is almost impossible to layer this way. But it had really cute colors.

And when I came home I was really happy~!!!!
I ordered some things from an international lomography shop. A while ago I suddenly got a text from my twinsister saying that the limited edition super-samplers designed by the Wonder Girls were refilled. I immediately got out of my bed (I was still sleeping as it was very early) and ordered one. There are only 400 from each kind I thought. I bought the orange one~ I am totally in love with Yubin, she is an amazing rapper and dancer <3 So I was so happy and wanted to share my happy story (a.k.a brag) to some of my friends, turns out there are K-Pop addicts that don't even know the Wonder Girls :o Huge shocker~
But anyways I'm looking very much forward to make pictures with it but I still need to load it with a film.

For Christmas my mother and sister wanted to go to one of those German Christmas markets/Weihnachtsmarkten and I am really excited to go there and photographing all the lights and hope there will be a bit of a beautiful atmosphere. We will be going to Dortmund, it won't be very long travelling she said. Also next Friday I have a day off of school and I am planning to shop some more.
Also you can prepare for a photo-post with cosplay photos of Nishicon 2012 I was there last weekend and made some photos of my friends but I had some trouble with uploading. More photo-posts will be up because I had my lomography photo's (fisheye and canon eos 300) developed and later this week I will get my Pentax Spotmatic photos back, I am very excited to see those~!!!!

I am also planning to do more outfit posts but I am always so tired after school and change into pj's right after I come back. Also I don't really have nice background and such but I'll just don't care about that >__<
Maybe I'll brainstorm a little bit about new post ideas to make this blog more lively and don't hesitate to ask me to write about certain things (comment plz :p)

Teaser of the lomography pictures~


vrijdag 9 november 2012

Analogue and Lomography Obsession

Hey everyone~
Lately I have had sooo much trouble :o My biggest issue right now is that I really want a Canon 550D or another DSLR. Developing films is a bit expensive if you want to take many pictures everytime you go out. I currently have a box with some money so I can save that up for my DSLR but I don't have much yet I can't resist to buy even more analogue camera's. They are so cheap nowadays but I think that's mainly because of the developing price. But I like lomography more so I guess it's just a price I have to pay :s

I am searching every single moment for new cheap camera's and considering about buying new lomography camera's.
This is my wishlist for the moment:


La Sardina with flash - Copernicus edition (because I love stars <3)
Diana Mini En Rose
Horizon Kompakt
Action Sampler
Pop 9

I want a lot and I will probably never have money because I'm too exhausted to take a job beside schoolwork. I recently bought a Pentax Spotmatic. I saw a cool lomographer who took pictures with this camera and I really liked the effect I found one that was very cheap online and ordered it. If I'm right the former owner should've send it on the mail today.
I am also debating whether or not I should buy a Canon Canonet but that will probably be a yes ^^

Today I stayed at home because of my migraine and I just watched dramas again just like I did the whole vacation long (no I'm certainly not addicted) But the day after tommorow I will try to go again despite how heavy it might be. It started yesterday but despite that I still had some fun. We took a walk with my aunt, uncle and their adorable children. I finally finished a film and I can develop it now. But unluckily my Fisheye had a little error so I will take it to the lomography shop in our town and hope it can be fixed.

I am really sorry for a bit of a pointless and full of bad grammar post :o
But I am kind of tired now and inspirationless :p


maandag 29 oktober 2012

Autumn Love~

Just like I mentioned in a post before, I went out with my family to the forest to take some pictures~
I haven't really been able to sleep due to anxiety and nightmares lately so I'm exhausted and mostly absent from this blog. Excuse me~!!!!