zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

Travelling Every Weekend

Last time things aren't going great. But you probably noticed my absence.
I have the biggest trouble finding an apartment. And everything else in my life fails and i'm just depressed.

I had a week vacation but sadly it's almost over. This Saturday I went to an exhibition about Van Gogh. They promised a lot, they would've reconstructed his paintings with the original colors and show the new painting. But it was totally disappointing since I couldn't even see the differences between the paintings and the reconstructions. And on top of that they didn't even show the real painting of Sunset at Montmajaour.
But I got to return a few items I bought at Primark since that date was the last day I could still return it and get my money back. So I bought a lot of new stockings (my new fetish) and spend a lot again. Even though I still have to return a lot of those clothes again. I also visited the market since my favorite bag broke. I didn't find a new one but I found out I could still repair the old one.

I also went to chinatown, I searched for Kimchi since it's my absolute favourite food. I really couldn't find anything and I was also starting to get hungry. It is so tormenting to walk through asian supermarkets when you're hungry. And I can't even cook my own food yet. Still I spend a lot of money there, I came across this ubercute shop which sells Hello Kitty, Totoro and Studio Ghibli things and even more. So I bought something you can put your eggs in and then you get a Hello Kitty shaped egg. I hope it will work out XD

Next week I get an Ov-card (it's an card which is used for travelling) that I can use limitless in the weekends. I spend a bit on it since it wasn't free (students get a free one but i'm not a student yet which sucks) To make this all much better I even subscribed at my favorite zoo. They even have a planetarium!! It was a bit more expensive than the other zoo's but I like this one the best. Even when there are a lot of people it's not uncomfortable to be there. My favorite place is absolutely the aquarium, the kids who come there are so cute~ I can sit there for hours. It would be soo good to be gone from home even if it's just the weekends.

But I'll definitely keep you guys more updated now I can do more beside just sleeping and eating haha.