zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Wigs Suited For Mori Kei

So I made a (wish)list of all these lovely wigs on
I think it's funny how I want these so badly but are all close to my hairstyle.
Wigs are a great option if you consider a hairstyle but don't want it to be permanent.
It's also great for changing your hairstyle more often.
They are a bit pricey, but from what I've heard the quality is amazing.
So I hope you like it  ^^

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Ringlet Collection - Auburn Rust | Model: Tin Tin | Haitham's Photography

This is defo the most amazing.
Those curls are so perfect I think it's the one I shall be buying the first.

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Lady Grace Lolita Collection - Cinnamon Scoop (Auburn Rust ) | Model: Grace Valentine | Gestalt Photographs

These curls look so whimsical, I adore the color too.

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Straight Classic - Natural Auburn Rust | Model: pixie_late | Photo: Saorise Clohessy Photography

This one is somewhat longer and again in a reddish color.
Absolutely a amzing color for Mori Kei

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Classic Wavy Casual Lolita Wig - Auburn Rust | Model: Grace Valentine | Sheila Carroll Photography

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Rhapsody in Burgundy
I love how this one is so wild <3
They have it in other amazing colors, like various shades of brown and blonde too.
I liked the brown ones too.

Rockstar Wigs | Prima Donna Collection - Chocolate Burgundy Mix | Model: Elodie de Frise | Etienne Zajega Photography


Gothic Lolita Wigs | Sweetheart Collection - Chestnut | Model: pixie_late

This one is so lovely <3


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