donderdag 31 januari 2013

Y U NO Shut Up?

Had a very bad case of migraine today again. My head has been hurting for a while now, since the only way of communicating here is yelling and screaming. Wednesday I already stayed home since I didn't feel like going to school, and now I went and it couldn't be worse. My classmates were very loud and it just made my ears hurt a lot. With lunch-break I even asked my teacher if I could be outside of the classroom because I couldn't bear it. But she had a funeral and there were no replacement teachers and it was all noisy in the classroom. So I tried to find a quiet place but even in the silence rooms (or whatever you call those to tired to find an translation) they were talking. And then I thought I finally found a quiet room. This 'friend' (meaning we were friends but grew apart) was sitting there with another silent guy. He only greeted me and I was reading my book and all when this other guy came in. And then they started talking and stuff and he asked if I mind that he was talking. I said, well actually I left my classroom because I have a terrible headache and wanted silence. But apparently he didn't understand and kept on talking. So I left and sat down somewhere in the hallway which was actually way worse since all the people were walking there to get to their classrooms and stuff. So basically the last 2 hours were terrific. And for some reasons people were acting all mean to me when I didn't even provoke them or anything.

My hair already got sooo long ^^

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