maandag 4 februari 2013

Back Again

Hey there~
I was planning to go to my friend's house since he said I could spend a night there since I have trouble at home and such. But I actually planned to leave Saturday since he had some activities on Friday which I honestly didn't really wanted to attend with him. But he felt pitiful apparently because my headache was really bad and I was so moody. He was completely worried and asked a mutual friend of us if he wanted to spend a few hours with me so I didn't have to be alone and I could just go there straight after school. So I kind of left unprepared, just packed my clothes really quickly took a shower and all and left. I first had a bit of travel stress since in Holland we use these cards and I never knew if it would work out well since I never got checked while using it. But everything turned out alright and I didn't get a fine ^^

This other friend picked me up from the station after I rode the train for 1.5 hours and we just got to his house. It felt really great coming there since his girlfriend and sister were home too, and I already knew them from cosplay things, and they were apparently very happy to see me. Yaay for a lot of hugs ^^ And after eleven he brought me to the friend I ought to stay with. We didn't even do much productive but I didn't have stomach aches or migraine for a whole weekend and it felt really nice. I like his parents a lot more than mine even though I don't know them very well. They are kind and when you say something they just hear and listen to you. Unlike my mother, which is very annoying.

Today I was very tired at school apparently. I felt happy but it was quickly being tested when we suddenly got new seats and such. I sit beside someone I'm really uncomfortable around. I also had a lot of problems with making a history essay, I just didn't have concentration or motivation. But I could read a lot of books which I needed to read for my finals. And with PE me and my classmate learned a bit of boxing from a guy who got lessons and he takes PE with us since we don't have much people in our class. It was nice except for the parts I couldn't really control my body because it got a bit weakened after not sleeping and eating much past few days. I collapsed a few times almost and it was a bit scary. Ate some Chinese food when I got home and feeling a bit better now.

Beware of these pictures since I look really weird here XD

I thought it looked nice ^^
Dress, Sweater and coat are all from H&M
rest of the things come from those unknown stores :p

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