maandag 11 februari 2013

Bad Day

Today was another bad day. There were a lot of disappointing moments. Now I feel completely tired and I had very heavy migraine again. It went away with showering for a really long time but I still feel bad. I only worked on History and didn't do anything much the whole day, which made me feel really bad and useless. I even tried to take part in PE but it didn't go that well. I even ate like 2 slices of bread and still felt dizzy and felt like I could faint every moment. A bit vague, since mostly it's enough food to function well in my case.

I am currently reading in Peter Pan and I really like the story, it's just like Alice In Wonderland, it had a fantasy feel to it but is still considered as old English literature. I don't have anything much to say today, sorry >__< my mind is really full of all negative things etc. The only good thing about today was probably that I accidently left my electrical blanket on so it was really hot when I got in bed after school.


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