maandag 25 februari 2013


Today I didn't feel well again. I don't really know why it suddenly was that way. Maybe it was from eating too much (which my tummy can't handle too well) or stress idk. My friend even made some tea and was apparently very worried. Water cooker in class ftw :p I already drank some tea again but it doesn't seem to help much. My teacher still let me relax since it was the day after vacation on which I am always so stressed out. But really don't wanna start working on all those stupid tasks tomorrow.

I wore my new shirt with my new hairclips :p
When I looked in the mirror this looked pretty okay and my friend even said my shoes looked nice with my shirt. Even though when I see it now I promise to NEVER wear a bright pink with coral again.
It looks totally horrible imo :c
*and the brown on brown on brown (XD) doesn't look too good either
*fashion fail*
Promise to dress better tomorrow :p

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