zondag 24 februari 2013

Last Day Of Vacation

I did absolutely nothing really important to mention that's why I was gone for this week. I watched a lot of drama's like always. Surfed a lot on the net and just filled my time with useless stuff. Thursday some friend of me came over. I had a great time and apparently my mother and sister liked him a lot too, resulting in very awkward talks about him being my boyfriend and such.
Today was my sister's birthday and some family came over. Normally I don't get along with my family but it was pretty okay now. I didn't feel too good though, but I haven't been feeling well this entire vacation. I had the worst cold ever and I was terribly sick. I took a lot of vitamins and did many things to get over it and thought it was completely cured already.

I am very happy with the airing of Iris 2 now. I totally love the cast and it makes me slightly more excited to go to Hungary, Budapest with school. It has all this cool scenery and it shows the city very well. It has all these nice buildings, and I am so in love with all those bridges. And now I know a bit more about the city it also becomes more intresting. I even learned some Hungarian online and from the drama so it wouldn't be much problem if I got lost I guess XD It's always fun to learn new languages to me.

Currently I am still stuck with the important question whether I should stick with my old-fashioned and quirky Mori-Kei or go more to the Mori-Gyaru side since I have all this pink in my closet. But I think I will just variate every day and fill my closet with some more Mori-Kei pieces since it suits me more than Gyaru.


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