dinsdag 5 februari 2013

Excited For Tomorrow

Hey there~
I'm suddenly very tired so I'll keep this a short post. First I had a lot of stress on school, haven't slept and eaten well for the last few days. I'm completely exhausted but gonna drink a milkshake when I have the energy to get up. I almost overslept and was a bit late. My bed felt so warm and good but my pillow somehow feels weird like one of my family members changed it while I was gone. I could read a few books again today since I was stressing out again. And tomorrow me and my teacher will make an attempt on making a summary of history about the cold war. Already excited~ not...

But since I can get home early I am planning to do some shopping. I still want some new clothes, just one piece or so. And a lot of books so I'll be visiting 2 shops which sell books and look if they have some good deals. One of them sells second-hand books so I'm curious. These days I'm very cold again so I'll just add a few more layers and hope I won't be shivering the entire day tomorrow.


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