donderdag 14 februari 2013

Happy V'Day I guess?

Hey there~
I was forever alone today too *cries* Hope you all had a good day cuz I definitely didn't. It seemed like all my classmates were kind of depressed too, even three were crying before the first break. It was a horrible day and just like yesterday I ran out of the class again. Didn't got any major trouble for that luckily. I guess everyone is just in huge need for vacation, which we have tomorrow.  I will just sit in my room for a whole week to watch dramas and blog a bit. I am really a no-lifer and I know it.

I am going to get some ice-cream in a minute. I was very depressed, even got rejected once I guess... A friend of mine said he still had some chocolate in his bag and since he got stood up six times (yes a bit hopeless if you ask me but he's a good person) and didn't know what to do with it. So I said: well... you can give it to me? But he didn't like that idea apparently *cries again*  I wanted some chocolate so badly today. But well have to drown my sorrow with ice-cream then.

My simple outfit D:
Made the skirt myself ^^

But well I was very happy when I came home. My twinsister paid a visit and left 2 books for me. I thoight she would abduct all the books I wanted to read, but luckily she didn't. She left 'Beastly' a fantasy book that's a bit like Beauty and the Beast. There is a movie made from and now I realise I never even saw it *shame on me* And a literature book called 'Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close' I always wanted to read it and then it also got discussed in Iris and then I wanted to read it even more. *shame on me for being such a drama-addict* And speaking of which I already saw the raw versions of the first two episodes were uploaded. Sooo excited since I'll be going to Budapest too.


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