vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Massive Dramathon Cancelled :c

Hey guys ^^
Today I am feeling really happy for no reason in particular. Had a very weird day, such a lot of things happened and the were all very very positive or either very very negative. It were only massive ups and downs I guess. I had a lot of annoyance towards my teacher lately and now I walked out of the classroom for the third time in three days >__< I just can't stand her anymore but I have vacation now so I hope everything will turn out alright after this week. Then I had another conflict with a girl that apparently liked to throw a pen at me to see how I would react cuz that was her kind of humor. Later on we talked it out with our teachers and she said that then. It was weird and a bit comical. She said: 'Well I just have a weird sense of humor and I'll promise to don't throw pens at you in the future' and I reacted with 'I would really appreciate that' and now we're cool again. But it was just a bit a wrong timing i guess...

With PE exercises our homeroom teacher (the one that annoyed me so much) led the lesson because our usual teacher had to go somewhere. First she explained it like it was some kind of social skills excercises. But turned out we could just have some actual bitch fights XD Turned out I was one of the strongest except for this one guy who isn't my classmate but only takes part in our PE class and has amazing fighting skills and knowledge. I feel much safer now. Only a huge pity the guys didn't wanna admit they lost against me. Then it's like 'Well yeah lemme try again, I wasn't prepared enough.' and 'I didn't try my best next time I'll surely win.' Don't they realise that it won't be believable anymore when they try 4 times and still lose... Well don't wanna defect the manly pride too much and let them believe in their own fantasy.

Yesterday my doctor apparently called and I had to visit her since she was really worried. This is kind of unusual since patients call their doctor if they can come over and such not the other way around D: But she will see if she can do something about my current situation with moving out and school, and then I'll hear from her again.

After that since my mother and sister went to the doctor too, my sister also had a appointment for some ache in her stomache or ribs, we went to the mall to do some shopping yaay. I bought two new t-shirts, one with some flamigo's it's a bit tacky, weird and unusual but sooo awesome, and a lace one. I also bought a new cardigan and don't like the kind of buttons since they are kind of plastic-y and ugly. They were all on sale and only spend 15€ which wasn't that much. And all these items were pink, a color which my closet is already overflowing with but alright I needed some new clothes. I will spend the rest of my shopping money on other colors then XD

And I asked my mother if I could have a bribe for at least passing one of my finals since I have a bit of confidence in English, but not much in History and Dutch. She said I could have he SHINee shirt I've been desiring for such a long time now XD

This was a bit of an unusual color combination but it made me happy and I thought it was cute. The top is only a 'bit' to big since it's an XL but was only 3€ and soo cute. I love this shade of yellow. It fits kind of nice but the top part keeps falling weird. 

And I was actually planning on doing a massive dramathon of a few days straight but I'll just be going to bed since i'm sooo tired. I actually slept well last night since I was going to bed so early XD


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