zondag 10 februari 2013

Making Kimbap

Took a short break from blogging was soo stressed out. Thursday I received some letters with a bit bad, disappointing and stressful news. They promised me I can move out of home in roughly three months, but I don't believe it's gonna work out alright since all those people who tried to help me with that disappointing me in the end. And because I took sick leave too often I have to see some person which I don't know and have a conversation with him about why I ditch school so much. So these things kind of drive me crazy.

Yesterday was a relaxed day, I really needed one of those. I woke up early, even before nine. Since my family members were still sleeping I couldn't shower yet, so I got back to bed with a nice cup of green tea and watching drama's. I have been a bit sick for the last few days. My throat hurts a lot and my nose is runny so it must be a cold. I mostly watched dramas all day and tried to finish a dress I'm making, I didn't finish yet but made a skirt with the same fabric.

Today I slept somewhat longer and watched dramas again (surprisingly). And I even made Kimbap. Only the seaweed smell was so awful I didn't even taste it yet. But I will feed it to my Sushi-loving friend tomorrow and see what she has to say about it before getting food-poisoning myself. I really want to try and make more Korean dishes. I think about trying those egg roll thingies tomorrow since there are so much carrots left.

I still had to slice the parts but that went a little bit wrong so I waited with that.
sorry for the lack of updates everyone <3


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