vrijdag 15 april 2016

Sewing projects

Lately ive been quite busy with finishing some clothes and I want to show you what I made ^^

This might be my favorite piece I made in my life~
I made it especially for an event for Japanese fashion and I couldnt decide what to wear.
I did 3 days over this the embroidery was a lot of practice and the total product could have been neater but I plan to remake it in other colors someday ^^

I didnt quilt the left skirt all by myself it was like that when i bought it at the thrift shop.
I love the mushroom fabric too they are just very simple skirts but I like them.

I embroidered a second-hand jacket with stars 
and glued some non-sticky cheap patches on it too 


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh I love the first top! Its so cute, and it totally suits mori kei! :) Its probably really comfy also!

  2. I still have to adjust the straps a bit but I felt like such a princess that day!!
    Too bad I havent received a single full picture from the photographers ;-;
    Hopefully ill be able to make an outfit post with it soon xxx