maandag 29 oktober 2012

Autumn Love~

Just like I mentioned in a post before, I went out with my family to the forest to take some pictures~
I haven't really been able to sleep due to anxiety and nightmares lately so I'm exhausted and mostly absent from this blog. Excuse me~!!!!


zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

Nothing to do

Heey everyone~
My vacation has started since yesterday, and I am already extremely bored. I am still too tired to sew or go out and take walks with my camera's. I slept alot this night and was still tired when I woke up this morning. It 's an ever hard task to come out of your bed on cold days especially when you have an electrical blanket. My concentration on schoolwork dropped a lot lately, mostly because I have some personal stuff on my mind. So I've been reading a lot of English books. Yesterday we had some kind of sport tournament. Mostly it just depends on whether I like those or not. It has to be a sport I like or otherwise I wanna watch on the sidelines to cheer  my classmates on and we have to win so we can eat pie afterwards but the last thing didn't happen sadly enough.

I did nothing much today but I found out that Ebay is pretty addictive, I never really bought something from it because we have some dutch variant that was more trustworthy in my eyes. But some of my friends said it was just the same and all and you could just order and it would actually arrive instead of turn out to be fake. So I placed a lot of things on my wishlist but I just know that I won't have money to buy it. But I think I still can get some pocket money from my mom, knowing that I haven't received a single penny past half year  and the law says I still can get pocket money till my 18th birthday~ I have such a lot on my wishlist. I want new lomography camera's and a backpack. And I still have to develop 2 rolls of film at some point when I used all the frames. 
Because my sister and I both have a fall break now my mom decided it could be fun to have a bike ride to the woods and walk around to give me an opportunity to take pictures. I think I should take a little walk around my house because there seem to grow a few toadstools here apparently. And the leaves are so breathtakingly beautiful I love to watch outside the window of the bus when I´m riding to school everyday. Autumn makes me very happy. 

I´m planning to make pictures of my new clothes and the ones I made especially. And turn my other fabrics into some other (hopefully beautiful) creations. I noticed I have very much pink in my wardrobe and it sometimes gets hard to combine or come up with some Mori cooords. I won´t buy anything pink for a long while D:  I still have to make pictures of my outfits and stuff but I'm always so lazy and tired when I return from school.

Maybe I should go to bed now so I can be less tired tommorow.
Love y'all <3


woensdag 17 oktober 2012


A few days ago I went shopping and sightseeing in Utrecht. One of my friends works and goes to school there and told me it was a beautiful city.

Stupid me didn't recharge her mp4 so the trainride was absolute hell, I am really sensitive when it comes down to senses. So I started off with migraine o.O When we just came there we had a drink and some food at a restaurant/shop. I can't lie about the bit of excitement when some customer tried to steal some bottles off wine and a security guard had to chase him. MAN those guys ran fast~ 

After some time it started to rain, but as much as I like it my sister and mother hated it and found shelter in a shop. So I went outside and made pictures I think the weather suited the season better. I also took a lot of pictures with my fisheye camera. I really can't wait to see how they turned out. But having more camera's now it becomes harder to decide which one to take with you on a trip.

Some pictures of me~
This was such a dreamy place but my battery was dying and I had my mother make this pictures so they didn't turn out very good unluckily.
I hope to go back someday and remake the pictures with my photographer twinsis.

I bought candy at a Japanese supermarket.
I saw a Lolita there :p I kind of knew her but that's a long story XD
They also sold Mochi, I want to try this dish for a very long time so we bought it.
My winter-wardrobe is also somewhat more completed.
It was a great day, only a pity my twinsis couldn't go with us.