woensdag 17 oktober 2012


A few days ago I went shopping and sightseeing in Utrecht. One of my friends works and goes to school there and told me it was a beautiful city.

Stupid me didn't recharge her mp4 so the trainride was absolute hell, I am really sensitive when it comes down to senses. So I started off with migraine o.O When we just came there we had a drink and some food at a restaurant/shop. I can't lie about the bit of excitement when some customer tried to steal some bottles off wine and a security guard had to chase him. MAN those guys ran fast~ 

After some time it started to rain, but as much as I like it my sister and mother hated it and found shelter in a shop. So I went outside and made pictures I think the weather suited the season better. I also took a lot of pictures with my fisheye camera. I really can't wait to see how they turned out. But having more camera's now it becomes harder to decide which one to take with you on a trip.

Some pictures of me~
This was such a dreamy place but my battery was dying and I had my mother make this pictures so they didn't turn out very good unluckily.
I hope to go back someday and remake the pictures with my photographer twinsis.

I bought candy at a Japanese supermarket.
I saw a Lolita there :p I kind of knew her but that's a long story XD
They also sold Mochi, I want to try this dish for a very long time so we bought it.
My winter-wardrobe is also somewhat more completed.
It was a great day, only a pity my twinsis couldn't go with us.

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