woensdag 6 februari 2013

Book Hunting~

Hey there ^^
Today was a pretty fun day. When I finished my assigments I could read the required literature for my finals. So I've been reading Macbath for a few hours, it takes a while to catch up to the way of older writing and my classmates were all very loud. They just couldn't stop talking, every time I need silence they can't shut their mouths apparently.

After school I went shopping on my own. This was the first time I've been shopping in another town than were I live. Since I'm agoraphobic I always feel sick or dizzy and shaky when I'm outside or inside crowded buildings. I had a fun time shopping, I wanted to check if I still could get some clothes. But apparently the current designs in every single store I visited, I mostly go to H&M, didn't have anything suited for Mori Kei or Mori Gyaru *sad* Haven't seen some decent pieces for such a long time so maybe I have to go to a big market or something like that again. Then I visited a mall to go to the book department but they didn't really have English books except for The Hunger Games which I read already. Then I visited a bookstore I already visited before. But apparently they still had a 2nd floor which sold second-hand books. The weird part about this was that the second floor was even bigger than the first one XD It was like a paradise, there were so many books. I honestly admit I was dumbfounded by the quantity and beauty. There were a lot of books that were like a few hundred years old, or so they seemed. Bad thing was that there were stains and such, but they were expensive and Dutch anyways so I wouldn't have bought them either way. There was a large section of Dutch romance and thrillers, but also a pretty large offer of English books. There were a lot of different genres like history, geology, art etc. I really should take my twinsister to this heavenly place, I bet she never knew there was a second floor either. I bought 5 books for 27€ I thought it was pretty cheap. They are all in a very good state and you wouldn't even say they've been read before. I only bought literature though. The prices were all around 3.50€ - 10€ And since the drama (yes I'm an addict) 'Don Quixote' I was curious about the story. I was so happy when I found it. It was the first book my eye fell on since it was at the A-section obviously. And I realized my birthday is in about six weeks, which means still a few weeks till I can read my new books, a collection of Jane Austin and the Sherlock Holmes novels. I was tempted to buy a few more books, but I figured I shouldn't spend all my money in one go. So I just picked all the literature (well I left some, there weren't very much) books.

Anne Brontë - Agnes Grey
Anne Brontë - The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
J.M Barrie - Peter Pan
Thomas Hardy - Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Eric Allen - Don Quixote

Weird photo of me and my dress XD


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