dinsdag 16 april 2013

Second 18 Birthday

My little sister mentioned yesterday that I should come home today and I was a bit curious why. But I had a very stressful day at school and I kind of forgot about it. I had to make some kind of report about poems and it was ***** hard :c I came home very tired, I almost fell asleep in the bus and I was starving since my stomach is like empty, even when I just ate. My appetite suddenly rose enormously. But when I came home she send me upstairs for a little while and I could only come back when she called me. Afterwards she showed me this cake and it looked so mega delicious. It was just a small pity she got it after school ended and it was still frozen :c And apparently something went a little bit wrong with the candles since there was like candle grease over the cake, which caused it to be a lot more colorful though XD And she didn't even count the candles well, so there were 17 instead of 18 but well I got my cake so I won't complain.

And I noticed since I got back I am way behind my drama schedule *cries* I even dropped 'Substitute Princess' since it was the least intresting drama I was watching, but I think I will continue it later. And I still plan on watching the rest of the recently airing dramas that just started. Sooo much to watch yet. And I am very excited for the final episodes of Iris this week, i am now watching episode 15 and hope to finish it before Thursday.


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