zondag 14 april 2013

Back And Mature?

Yes, I was absent again and I'm very sorry for that. Some stuff happened at home, then I got kind of kicked out. Then I didn't have a real place to stay for like a week and now I'm back again. It was a horrible week. And I turned 18, so I couldn't even celebrate it properly. However it was a great excuse to crash at my best friend's place and also celebrate his birthday. We have the same birthday, I think it's really cool and I actually wanted to celebrate it with him since I got to know it a bit less then a year ago. He actually had to work in his family business. But he picked me up at the train station and we went by the supermarket to get a lot of food, since a lot of food was my only birthday wish. We got some american chocolate cookies, chocolate waffles, M&M's and white chocolate. I had a very relaxed weekend. Furthermore I don't have much interesting stuff that I feel a need to share with
*my english got pretty bad since it's really late and everything

I also got some wonderful books~
they are those collections of famous writers
I got the Jane Austen and Sherlock for my bday and bought the other in American Book Centre.


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