vrijdag 19 april 2013


Hey guys~
Tomorrow i'm going to do some fun things again wheehee ^^
I'm so freaking excited and stressed out. I just keep on thinking about all the things that can go wrong and such, which always makes end up staying at home. *that sentence was so grammatically incorrect but I'm sleepy so forgive me* A while ago I bought some of those cheap train tickets and they allow you to travel the whole day to any place you want. I'm going with my twinsister and I have a lot of plans:

-The primark (we only have a few in our country so it's special)
- Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition
- Market
- Shopping in Amsterdam

For this we have to go like 3/4 different places, 4 times riding the train and going to 3 cities. I have a lot of shopping money. A while ago I bought 2 items from H&M some shorts and a skirt. But since I'm trying to gain a bit of weight and am unhealthy as hell, I won't fit into size small when I reached my limit. So I have to return it, but it looks so good/amazing/sexy/gorgeous as hell XD I just thought shorts would be a very fun twist on my usual mori kei. But the skirt I bought fitted amazingly good. It was only a bit expensive for me, usually I don't even pay 10€ for a simple skirt.
I did a lot of planning tonight and such, and I was totally stressed out because of it. I always lose my mind when I have to plan big stuff in a very short while and nobody gives me any space to do it (family members were annoying while I was busy) And my twinsister wasn't of any help too, she just expect me to be her tour guide apparently. But well I expect to buy a lot there, I really need new clothes.

And damn soo freaking exited for the exhibition. I really hope we will even be able to find it though since it's somewhere in a park and I don't freaking know the city.... But I love designerstuff, as most of my readers probably know my dream-profession XD My sister already saw it with school, her photos were amay-zing.

But well I will just finish blogging for today and prepare the rest of my stuff D: which will probably give me way to much stress but has to be done anyway. Stay updated for a long post again XD *with a whole freaking lot of pictures.


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