maandag 1 april 2013

The Last Few Days~

Hey there~
I had a few days off since Thursday. Tomorrow I'll be going to school again. Wednesday I already made some kimbap for the friend I was staying with. And I was the rest of the afternoon busy preparing things for my trip and packing my bags. I left very early that morning. I got up even before 8 since I was so excited to leave home and have fun.

The travelling was very stressful and I couldn't even find the right tram. And even when I finally did, I almost lost my mp4 but some Chinese girl was my lifesaver. Eventually I got to the zoo, for which I had some discount tickets. I found out recently that they had a planetarium and right after that I found the discount tickets. It was the perfect chance since I've wanted to see a planetarium for a while now. It was a very cool zoo, and after a while I even found my way easily. I made a lot of pictures and the weather was quite good. I chilled such a long time in the aquarium, it was a really cool place and very peaceful. I just liked sitting there on a bench and looking at these uncommon fishes. I returned like three or four times. Also it was warmer there since it was inside. And the planetarium was unbelievably gorgeous. I don't regret going there after all, it was such a great experience for a star-loving person.

After that my friend picked me up from the station and I spend two nights at his place. Saturday I left and visited my twinsister that afternoon. We planned to give our leggings a galaxy print with textile paint. However mine really failed and hers looked asum. She cooked macaroni for me and it tasted a bit weird, but it was vega-macaroni ('meat is so expensive') so that was nice. Later on we we went to the cinema. I didn't like the movie very much and after a while I found out the person who was sitting in front of us was the person I hate so freaking much.

But i'll have some other cup of tea now and go to bed soon since I have to wake up early again ;__;


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