woensdag 5 september 2012

Last day of vacation

Hello again~!!

This is the last day of my vacation sadly enough. I actually have to go to bed now but I still have so many things I wanna do. I still wanna watch one episode of To The Beautiful You and listen to so many K-pop. I am kind of anxious of how it will be and if my classmates are nice. Luckily enough I know I have my favorite teacher and friend in my class this year. I wonder how it will go with my whiplash and if I can endure the pain. But I really want to see everyone again because I've missed them so much.
My teacher said she would help me out again and I think she is really great and I love being her student. I still need to spend 2 years in High School because of some hardships I had past year so I will graduate when I'm 19. I am already looking forward to studying much more interesting things. I am totally stressing out now, and I really hope everything will be okay. It is better to have my first day tomorrow because it's a shorter day. The official first day was Monday but I couldn't go because my back was hurting to much (don't ever try K-Pop choreo's with a whiplash you'll regret it) and there were some problems with the transport.

I already visited the doctor again after Abunai but she said there wasn't much you could do about it. It just equals to a bruise or something and you can only wait till it recovers. Untill then you just have to suffer.

So I think I'll just chill some more to calm down and write another post tomorrow to let you know if I survived.


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