zondag 16 september 2012

Vintage analogue photo effect

Cuz I don't have much I wanna blog about (and because of my bedtime) I won't write much today.
So here are some photo's I edited:

I think they turned out pretty cool.
I am still trying to save money for a Canon 550d but I only have 115 euro yet.
It's really annoying because I don't even have a job now and most likely I can't get one at the moment.
But my twinsister said I really have to get another camera, she loves lomography and such and she saw one that was perfect for me.

It is a analogue camera with fish-eye lens.
It is only 45 euro + shipping.
I really love the hello kitty design with the nautical stripes and colours.
I would really like to experiment somewhat with fish-eye photography.
Fish-eye photography is really cute if you use it on animals <3

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