dinsdag 4 september 2012

Previous and next week are so hectic. Nooess

Hey everyone,
I thought I could keep daily blogs and stuff but there wasn't much intresting happening. Or well actually it was interesting but after that I was completely exhausted and didn't had any energy leftover. I stayed in my bed for the past few days now since Monday.

Last week I went to an anime-convention. It was a lot of fun but to be honest I couldn't really enjoy it because of the whiplash which still didn't heal. One of my friends offered to travel along with me especially to carry my luggage and help me with other things. But unlucky me had to oversleep, it was so enormously stupid. I was already sleeping when I set the alarm clock so I set it an hour too late. But luckily we still got on the right train on time.  The line for entering was soo long we waited a lot before we could finally go into our hotel and put our luggage away. The first day of this three days during convention was actually about seeing everyone again after a while. Most friends I met recently before that but there are just so many people I adore and I cannot keep close contact to everyone. So I spend most of the day hugging and cuddling.

The Saturday was more entertaining, it was a hard day for me because we walked a lot but I always had people with me who took good care of me. We wanted to do a lot of workshops that day but we were kind of unlucky. We thought the subscription for it would go smoothly, we asked someone to write our name on the list but you could only write your own name and the name of the friend you would be doing the workshop with, you had to work in duo's. So after we got back from getting dinner she gave us a call and told us the bad news luckily enough she could participate because of her friend. So I just showered and met up with my best friend afterwards, sadly enough I couldn't share a room with him.

Then after that  we wanted to do a pendant workshop where you could make cute phone straps and stuff like that. So the friend who planned to do all those workshops with us already went ahead without us. But the moment we wanted to leave while I was hanging with my roommate and best friend she came somewhat sad towards us. Then she explained that a mad gopher (voluntary worker at cons) yelled at her for not subscribing and that made her a very upset. So we complained at some staff members, my best friend knew them because he was a gopher too. They were very sorry for the incident and let us go to the concert that was going on that time. You actually had to buy 5 euro tickets and we were with 4 people so saved us a lot of money XD. I expected some kind of rock concert because all the groups that come to the Netherlands are unknown bands that suck completely. But the singer was really gorgeous and I absolutely adored her. The guitarists weren't so bad either (as in super super hot and handsome) They are called Kazha and I still have to find every song they've ever written hihi. It was actually a very relaxing concert nothing like I expected and she sung beautiful. I totally don't regret the fact we couldn't go to our planned workshop because the concert was defo my favorite activity that weekend. After that we spend a lot of time just hanging around before we went to some kind of real-life adaption of Liar Game. It's a manga/drama I absolutely adore. We luckily could get into that, but the organisation was really bad, it wasn't like the original game at all and it was kind of pointless. But 2 friends went with me and it was somehow kind of entertaining though. But they somehow included a lot of physical activity which made me completely exhausted. To calm down a little bit we met up with my best friend who left us before because of his gopher duties :p. We went outside talked and I did some star-watching obviously. Because most of us were still hungry our friend fed them some noodles. And he kept his promise to bring cake for me, he actually said he would make it himself but ended up buying some. However I totally didn't like the taste of it so he promised again to bring some to the next convention. He made me a goomba-plushie (from mario) and it was soo adorable. He was gophering at that workshop and asked if he could make one too.

On Sunday I was completely exhausted but luckily my friend travelled along with me the entire way to my end-station. We also got another girl who traveled along with us most of the way. She was a very nice girl and a Doctor Who cosplayer. We had a lot of fun with each other but somehow most of the trains weren't working so we had to take completely different routes and ended up arriving up at home a lot later than expected.

Next week will be hectic as well more about that in my next post :p

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