woensdag 26 september 2012

Hey everyone~!!!

Today I was very tired because I slept really short. I wasn't feeling well yesterday my stomach was behaving weird and I decided to stay at home instead of going to school. But suddenly at 1 AM I felt bad and somehow guilty about neglecting my school even though I still don't have to do anything much because it's the start of the year and I have a special kind of schooling. There is also a lot on my mind lately that makes it harder to find any motivation for everything I don't like to do. But there might even be a way I can combine my schoolwork with sewing or some other creative activities. It's some kind of bribe to get me to school I guess.

But today there was some kind of event/market and there were a lot of stands with fabric and other sewing stuff. I always like going there because there are some really cheap sellers. I found some fabric that was so perfect to recreate a dress that Hyorin (from sister :p) once wore with a live performance of 'Lead Me' and I've been loving that dress soo long now. But the problem was that I don't have a searcher (yet) so I couldn't even sew it. So we didn't buy it directly and searched for another one, but we didn't find one as perfect as that first one. So at the end we decided to go back and buy it, but yeah just my luck, we couldn't find it at all. I was sooo dissapointed and depressed. My back and feet hurted really badly also and we still had to walk a long way to the station.

But luckily I picked up some really beautiful fabrics, mostly all pink, one orange and a polyester fabric for lining. I think I will definitely make some sketches tomorrow. I really can't wait to start sewing with these lovely fabrics. And I am also happy because I can finish some other projects now. Or at least I will try to because I had some trouble with finishing most of the pieces I started.  But I have also new thread so that wouldn't be an excuse to neglect me from finishing it. Friends have been asking for pictures from my creations but can't show them anything much yet.
And I am sooo damn excited for the delivery of my hello kitty camera~!!!!!

Lastly I still want to share an MV from the 'To The Beautiful You' OST
I thought it had a great mori-kei feeling to it and I absolutely adore it.
It's already realeased a while ago but hope you enjoy, make sure to watch the drama <3


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