dinsdag 11 september 2012

Caught A Cold :(

Hello everyone~!!!

Since yesterday I haven't been feeling really well, I kind of caught a cold. I also feel very tired but that's just because I can't go to bed on time. So I'm also very tired. But I did twice as much work as I had to finish today. It felt much better than doing nothing. I really wanna lie all day in bed till I recover from everything that's wrong with my body actually. But at least I've been really glad that it's getting colder and I can wear pretty clothes again. There is nothing better than the fall season (except the colds) I really like the colors on the trees and it's a great season to take your camera with you on long walks. I think I should really visit some forest nearby and take some photographs or even ask my twinsis to do a mori-photoshoot, always dreamt of those :p. She makes really good photos of people in my opinion.

Also I have somewhat more trouble picking clothes, I don't even know why :o
It's more like I'm bored of all the clothes even though I just bought some other shirts and dresses. I get greedy~!!!! :o haha. I wish I could spend a little bit more on clothes though even if it isn't really necessary to have you know. Most girls would agree with me right :p


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  1. Haha I agree with you LOL~
    I really like you blog, btw. I'm not sure, but you're dutch right? if so, me too :-)
    I hope you feel better soon, rest a lot!

    x http://sparkling-sea.blogspot.nl/