dinsdag 25 september 2012

Getting depressed by the weather

Hey everyone~!!!
I have been absent for quite a while now. My deepest apologies I actually tried to post daily but I get really tired of school and such so I just write when I have enough energy and inspiration.

This Sunday I had a party of a movie project me and some friends started a long time ago, we met them at a convention when they participated in a contest with their first video. My twinsister and I were asked to help with the second although we live in complete other parts of this country. But I made costumes and we played a minor role so it was quite fun. After a year they finally finished it and thought of some kind of premier event.  We had to travel 2 hours but we missed the train, my twinsis is always tardy and it really annoys me. But because it was Sunday the trains rode less often which meant we had to wait an hour. The travelling didn't go very smooth either. We had lots of trouble as taking the wrong train, the coat of my sis being stolen by one or two guys, while the coat was frigging PINK D:  But finally we arrived there and a mother could pick us up . Luckily everyone was very glad we could come and after some time I felt really comfortable with the people there. The days before I was really afraid they would neglect me or something because I don't know them really well and I'm really insecure. The food was also good XD everyone brought something we baked brownies. The meals weren't really things I liked so I ate a lot of the desserts. Hopefully I will gain some extra weight someday :p

But the return was absolutely horrible. There were stations under construction everywhere we had to go. All the trains we needed were cancelled. It was freezing cold and on top of that it also started to rain. Not just drizzle but the kind where it literally pours down with a few 10000 liters per second. The combination made me really sick and I couldn't wait to go home. Just when things 'couldn't get worse' we had some delay which made us miss the train to our hometown. But there was an American that also needed to get the same train. So we had a lot of interesting conversations about politics in the Netherlands and U.S. and golden age and it was good for practicing my English i think.

I have been quite depressed lately but I think it is mostly caused by the sudden temperature differences. My body gets confused and I can't adjust that quickly. Also it makes me all nervous and irritated.

But luckily there were some good points today. I got clothes from H&M that I ordered a while ago. And also my twinsis and I ordered some lomography cameras. Both with fisheye lenses. I posted photos before. I also still have to get a maxi dress from an Asian fashion site. I ordered 2 things there but I exchanged one item but there went something wrong so I have to mail them again.


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