donderdag 31 januari 2013

Y U NO Shut Up?

Had a very bad case of migraine today again. My head has been hurting for a while now, since the only way of communicating here is yelling and screaming. Wednesday I already stayed home since I didn't feel like going to school, and now I went and it couldn't be worse. My classmates were very loud and it just made my ears hurt a lot. With lunch-break I even asked my teacher if I could be outside of the classroom because I couldn't bear it. But she had a funeral and there were no replacement teachers and it was all noisy in the classroom. So I tried to find a quiet place but even in the silence rooms (or whatever you call those to tired to find an translation) they were talking. And then I thought I finally found a quiet room. This 'friend' (meaning we were friends but grew apart) was sitting there with another silent guy. He only greeted me and I was reading my book and all when this other guy came in. And then they started talking and stuff and he asked if I mind that he was talking. I said, well actually I left my classroom because I have a terrible headache and wanted silence. But apparently he didn't understand and kept on talking. So I left and sat down somewhere in the hallway which was actually way worse since all the people were walking there to get to their classrooms and stuff. So basically the last 2 hours were terrific. And for some reasons people were acting all mean to me when I didn't even provoke them or anything.

My hair already got sooo long ^^

woensdag 30 januari 2013

Finally Pictures~ yeaah

Hello everyone~!!! ^^
I fixed my battery problem now and my camera is working again. I also got the charger of the borrowed camera of my twinsister back so I would still have a replacement if one breaks down again. I had a lot of stress yesterday and was in the worst mood ever. Check my outfit picture below ^^
Currently I'm struggling a lot with school, especially history. For some reason it makes me totally mad, aggressive etc. I really don't want to do it, but I have my exams this year which would be a total disaster. But well I have to face it tomorrow again, I really don't wanna do that and I feel like running away again. I also fear feeling lonely again since I haven't seen most of my friends for a few days now. Everything seems much worse without them being around at this place I already hate so much: school. But apparently I left a book I borrowed from my twinsister there (well hopefully it's there since I searched all over the place and still couldn't find it) And I was really dying to read the last chapters of it. Such a shame.

But I also found a lot of other books as I already mentioned and temporary claimed them. I'm turning into a bibliophile again I guess :p I suddenly remembered this time when I didn't have a laptop, I was reading every night till I felt sleepy. I always borrowed books from the local library but soon I read all the (dutch) books there, and I got a laptop. So for a very long time I didn't feel the need to read. Gosh, I missed out on so much. I especially like old english books. Currently I'm reading 'Looking For Alaska' by John Green. I like this main charachter Alaska really much. She bought a lot of books in garage sales and places like that and like that, she stored a lot of books and called it 'her life's library'. Such a great plan, want to do that too, but the books I came across were a bit too expensive to just by without knowing if it was any good or not.

These are the books I currently abducted from her room, I look forward to reading them. Some are bought a long time ago, like the Vampire Diaries one. We bought it on a London trip a 2 years ago I thought. And I still didn't read the last book of the Alex Rider series, such a shame, it's the best series ever. I already read the cather in the rye, and really enjoyed it. The way it was written was absolutely lovely. Most of these books are fantasy, it's her favorite genre. 

It's such a long time since I wore heels. I felt great wearing them, a little bit uncomfortable at first since it felt like the first time in my life. It took a while to get used to it. Although only wearing stockings made me feel very cold, I was shivering the whole day, but it was worth it. I could really wear a thermo legging underneath it. But it would be even colder with bare foot so I compromised like this since I really wanted to wear them. The stockings are made with a fabric which is a bit irritating to my skin, hopefully I can replace them someday with somewhat more expensive and better stocking from H&M since this were regular drugstore ones. I really love pink, and that's probably the only thing that makes my style a little bit more Mori-Gyaru than just Mori Kei. I really have too much pink items for a Mori Girl, but I forbid myself to buy even more pink since it would be harder to coordinate outfits when all you have is pink :(

I found a necklace for my 'wedding ring' it's just a gift from a friend, it's a SHINee ring and has Onew's name and birth-date on it. We always claim to be married to each other and our idols. I also wear my Boys Over Flowers necklace replica. Still love that one ^^ I also got two beautiful rings from my mom a while ago. But they don't fit me *cries* She got it from her mother and my grandma apparently got it from her mother too I thought. Feels so great receiving such a gift, even though we're always fighting. They must be very old. I LOVE old things, if you didn't know already. But hopefully I find some magic trick that will make the rings fit.

I love the right one the most, it has this antique Mori Kei look right?
And the color is absolutely beautiful.

My wedding ring :p

I hope you enjoyed all these pictures and endless talk. Tomorrow I'll surely be uploading a outfit picture again. I hope you'll like it, since I want to share my unusual outfits with other Mori Girls, since there are too less blogs :(


maandag 28 januari 2013

Losing Myself In Fiction

Hi Mori lovers~ <3
I'm still trying to get accustomed to blogging everyday and trying to find inspiration, I STILL have to fix the camera problem :o

I had a busy day at school again. A lot of drama's again, so tiresome. First I started making some questions of History and even made a test again. Tests are really stressful for me because I have the feeling I failed if I don't get the highest grade possible. Especially when it's a spelling test for my native language, Dutch. But my teacher told me I didn't even get permission to get an A since it's totally ridiculous. I can only score B or lower, since tests are already stressful enough. So I have to see how this will turn out since I still have two tests tomorrow. And since a few decades I finally took part in PE class. It was very tiresome since my body isn't used to being active, I guess :p We were playing some games with basketball, you know just random playing around with basketballs without having the rules of the game. And I was actually quite good. But well my happiness was a little bit destroyed when somebody later on told me: "Well, you can't be good at everything" and it was directed toward me apparently. It was like he was trying to tell me, "You failed, but it doesn't matter". But I kind of have to get that out of my mind since I already get a headache about all of my current problems.

But I'm hoping I found some kind of solution. And NO this probably won't be the most common solution but please don't judge me for that. I am trying to keep myself more busy with all kinds of fiction, and writing. I really don't have enough energy or courage to keep myself busy with friends or activities outside (due to "slight" social anxiety and agoraphobia) So I'll see this as a good replacement and (hopefully) temporary solution I even made a drama schedule as in which drama's I want to watch and what days they air. Also I found a lot of books (at my twinsister's room since she doesn't live here anymore and she still has to pick them up) and I now have time to read them before she claims them again. Since this new drama about a bibliophile and how she solve little mysteries using books, I am totally drawn back to the world of books. I found my inner Mori self (which almost turned completely Mori-Gyaru D:) again. The drama's named 'Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou' not every watcher was deeply impressed by it, so you may dislike it. But I'm hooked and can't wait till the third episode is uploaded and subbed (air date is Monday so I may be lucky tomorrow) I will try to post a photo of the books I'm going to read in the future. And I even found such lovely books online. They are collections of several stories, one from Jane Austen with 7 of her novels and one Sherlock Holmes collection. If I'm right both of them, or at least the Sherlock one does, have golden pages like my other English literature books I bought in London. But together they are 52€ which I think is very cheap for more than 1000 pages. I even have the urge to visit booksales and stuff to get old english books for cheap. But I don't like those old books that are still intact if you know what I mean. Well if they smell good it's alright though. These are on my wishlist, look how beautiful they would be on a bookshelf:

And due to lack of images here on this page:

These rolls will be MINE!!!!
I settled the payment and stuff, and he will be sending it.
I will wait like a dog on the floor aside the mailbox and jump on the mailman when I see him.
Seems like a good plan right?

And here's my dramalist,
I didn't have the change to watch all these series yet, but I'm gonna catch up and drop them if they aren't good or exactly my taste. (those which I didn't watch are marked with a *)
It's kind of too packed on the Monday and Tuesdays but I'll have to watch some on weekends if I don't have enough time for them then.

Mon & Tue
Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou
Flower Boy Next Door
Shotenin Michiru
Last Hope*
Queen Of Ambition*

Wed & Thu
Level 7 Civil Servant*

Sa & Sun
Nakuna Hara-chan*
Karamazov no Kyodai (this seems a little bit too dark for me actually)
A Hundred Years Inheritance


zaterdag 26 januari 2013

Too busy I guess

This week I actually tried to make plans with some guy to go ice-skating. I actually wanted it really badly since the water is frozen and I have free tickets to the ice rink. However I totally have no energy lately. But it didn't matter anyway in the end since he apparently already had an appointment that day.

Other than that, I've been completely busy with school. That costs a lot of energy too. I'm even forced to go along with school camp to Budapest in Hungary. I like the city and Iris is even filmed there, a drama which I really liked. I just don't like the kids who are in the same grade as me, and school camp's were a bit of a bad experience every year.  But there's a slight chance there won't even be money and I can't pay for the trip. Either way I wouldn't mind the outcome of it I think. It doesn't matter much to me whether I'm surrounded by screaming kids or my annoying family. But I would definitely miss my internet (yes I'm very addicted). But well, I will just hope T.O.P. and Doojoon Oppa left some of their sexyness there in case I'll go.

Last night I was really tired. I even got to bed earlier than I did on weekdays, which is very bad since I slept at 12 o'clock. So it's not very surprising I was that tired. I notice my fingers are feeling a little bit tingly, a sign I've spend to many hours browsing on my laptop today. Watched a lot of drama's too. Wanted to finish a lot of series to decrease my 'currently watching' list a bit. I was watching over 20 drama's. And then it's very hard to concentrate on the ones you like a little bit less. But well enough about drama's maybe I should stop moving my fingers and give them a little bit of rest.
Sorry for the shortness of this blogpost ^^


woensdag 23 januari 2013

Stressed Out

Today was a very stressful day again. I worked my ass of because I had to catch up these lost days I spend at home being sick. Surprisingly I don't have that much to do before the end of the week. I still have to finish some listening exercises and a lot of history. But there are still 2 more days left. I also have two tests apparently, which give me quite a lot of stress too.

Remember I told about wanting to watch Flower Boy Next Door? Well I sat down and clicked on the link, turned out it wasn't subbed yet. But now it is and I'm really gonna watch it. But kind of annoyed that I won't be able to go to bed early again because of it. But well just gonna watch it so I can go to bed quickly after that.


dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Quiet Weekend

Hey there~
From now on I'll definitely write every day again since I've been tired as heck lately but get a lot of stomach aches because I don't get things of my mind by writing. This weekend was quite enjoyable. My mother went away to see her 'boyfriend' ( I really don't like her acting all cool now some weird dude loves her and stuff so I'm quite annoyed about that) but since I don't like her that much either because we always seem to interfere with each others personal business too much, I was glad to be without her for a few days. I was alone with my little sister and sometimes she kind of annoys me too since she's kind of messy and I'm a total clean freak. But she's okay I guess. I slept a lot but was still tired in the night, and was already half asleep at the time I always blog. But yesterday I suddenly had too much stomach aches and decided to stay home. It's a really inconvenient timing since I already have too much sick leave and stuff. But I tried to work a little on my homework and even learned a whole history chapter for a test I probably have to take tomorrow now. Well, it doesn't matter (or well it actually does but I'll try not to care about it much) if my teacher will scold me or not, since to me it was a slight improvement.

Other subject~ I got some HUUUGE bargains online. I found a underwater camera, an analogue one of course, for just 10 dollars including shipping costs. It arrived today in the mail. I'm not a big fan of swimming since I totally dislike my body and will never wear a swimming suit and all that. But once I overcome that (or before that) I think it will be great to experiment with water without worrying if the camera will get wet or not. The camera actually takes good quality pictures. And there was the best bargain ever~ 15 Kodak Ektachrome 100 films, from which 6 were expired in 2005 and the others in 1999. And for all that + shipping costs he asked me to pay 35€!!! But we still have to finish the payment and shipping etc. so I hope that will go well. Just reconsider that these films cost 12/13€ at the lomography store makes me so incredibly happy with my bargain.

I had some huge dramathon today, I watched like nine episodes now, and I'll finish it off with the new episode of Flower Boy Next Door. I totally adore this drama, it has such a Mori-feel to it. <3

Also I think I'll start searching for the cable to my twinsister camera (which she lend me) since it has no power anymore. Or think of a solution for the battery problem with my own camera. This device is just acting so troublesome. It doesn't want me to show you pictures apparently :(
And well since I have a lack of pictures on here, just bragging about my new baby (not my picture)


donderdag 17 januari 2013

Film Fail

Did not write anything for 3 days in a row :o
I was feeling really bad and had a really bad day again at school. I had to work my ass off because finals are coming soon and I never did anything much and so I have to regain all these lost (over 10) weeks. And it is definitely not becoming any better tomorrow. You could practically say this is all my own fault (like all the adults do) but well I just don't see the importance of school-related stuff when I'm feeling all miserable.

And now I really am frustrated because when I went to the lomo store and the shopkeeper said my 2 rolls of the ice sculptures failed. I was like waiting forever for a call from them but it also takes 2.5 weeks to develop  sprocket rocket films apparently, which I didn't know. I already shot 3 new rolls full, but here comes another fail, one of them is nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere in my bag, room and the living room but it just disappeared.

I also visited the deers (we have a very cool place where there are a lot of animals just like a farm but then just dears, llama's, goats etc.) 2 times in a row. Because I was really stressed and wanted to go out for a moment, I decided to cycle to the lomo store and inform. On my way I visited my baby's and made a lot of photos of course. I never grow tired of them.
The next day there fell a lot of snow, I was so happy when I opened my window and saw it. It was very cold outside of course but I figured the snow would look very pretty in combination with my lovely baby's so I visited them again. I also shot some scenery photos. But one of the deers wasn't very fond of the sound of my Supersampler (which I LOVE) I tried to move closer to the deer when I held the shutter so I could get different pictures on each part. But then I startled him and he ran away. Haha such a scaredy cat.

But well time to watch Flower Boy Next Door~!!!
Love y'all

zondag 13 januari 2013

Enormously Lazy

I didn't do anything productive again this weekend as usual. I had a lot of fun with a my little sister and her friend who held a sleepover. Recently I've been eating very much, gained a lot of weight. But despite me becoming more healthy I had a lot of stomach aches and it's getting even worse everyday. Just been watching a lot of drama again. And tomorrow I will surely finish Priceless since the subs for the final episode are released. That will mean I finished my 100th drama :p

Tomorrow is just another school day and I really don't wanna go to be honest. Still feel depressed and stuff like that. But I decided I want to put more strength out of the things that helped me a lot a few years ago, Mori Kei and K-Pop. K-Pop never fails to make me smile and it's relaxing. As for Mori Kei it really makes me appreciate the little things in life and the joy of dressing up not for others, but just for yourself. I should really skip school less often but I just can't help it.

I'm still trying to win the battle with my camera cuz that thing never listens to me *anger*
So be prepared for another outfit post tomorrow.

vrijdag 11 januari 2013

Fatigue... Again

Hello, Yesterday I really wasn't in the mood to write anything at all. I tried another outfit post but the battery of my camera failed for some reason. I am getting more depressed and tired with the day and actually don't want to neglect my blog again. But it will take some time till I'll know if I can keep up my daily blogging.

Today I took an English test just to get rid of my fear of taking tests and such. I had a long conversation with my favorite teacher, and he was being funny and all and it increased my mood a bit. I think I did it pretty good.

But well here is a video of 5 very handsome guys with outfits that look too sexy on them to make up for lack of substance of this post:


woensdag 9 januari 2013

So as I promised....

Hey guys
I finally shot some pictures this afternoon. My day was pretty tiresome. It takes a lot of motivation to actually GO to school and coming there I would do nothing much really except for reading English literature. So I've been hella tired for more than half an hour now but my drama's are calling :(
Just saw some parts of the first episode of 'Flower Boy Next Door' I have to say it looks very appealing. And there needs to be a replacement for 'The King Of Drama's' in my drama-watch-schedule right :p After finishing this blogpost I'll just only watch the latest episode of 'Cheongdamdong Alice' I have huge cravings for that drama, but not sure if I can finish an entire episode. Should be going early to bed sometime soon I guess.

But well enough about drama's, I suddenly forgot a lot I wanted to mention in today's blogpost *blanked out* but I'll write about that tomorrow then. At dinner my little sister and me were in a good mood I guess, we were watching Super Junior M's new MV and I told her I thought it was sad that Siwon didn't appear in the dance parts. And then she just said: Yeah I think so too. But somehow it was that funny that I even spitted out my fanta and it came in my hair. So I had to wash my hair again :(

So here are the promised pictures. I just wore a blue panda sweater and a dress underneath it. The dress is always used as a skirt in most of my coordinates, the material is so light and soft but it doesn't feel cold. Gonna wear it tommorow again I think but with other pieces. And since long time I got a remark about the weather which a little kid didn't acknowledge for skirts. But I have a thermolegging underneath my brown legging. It's even showing a little bit on the right photo, need to fix my clothes before taking pictures ^^ And I don't look that good on most pictures :p This is a bit of a more laid-back gyaru outfit, I've been switching between Mori Gyaru and Mori Kei a lot lately.

Also I tried to get rid of my bad mood and painted my nails. I wanted to do the Seohyun nail-art from I got a boy, those colors are so bright and happy. But then I discovered I didn't have the supplies. Most of my nailpolishes are old and I also tried to revive them by diluting them. But some just couldn't be saved. It's a pity I'm practically broke atm and all since I should stack up some more on the primary and secondary colors (so I can also mix when I need a certain shade) I have too many glittery polishes and stuff like that. I went over to my twin-sister's room but that was just the same story. But well at least I'm glad I used my nail-art supplies since ages again.

And these are the lovely elastic bands I got from H&M, I figured they are annoying when you wear them with ponytails because it will be non-stop tickling your ears and stuff so I decided not to wear them since I didn't have enough time for braiding. But I'll look how they go with braids they're at least very pretty.


dinsdag 8 januari 2013

Really Really Last Day Of Vacation Now

Hi Mori girls and guys~!!!
Tomorrow I'll be sadly really going to school. I suddenly got a flu or something. My mother said I didn't look healthy enough for school so I just trusted her and stayed home. I actually wanted to go to school since I've been home for 2 weeks straight now. But I'll just be trying again tomorrow. Lol I think I got infected by my little nephew when he visited a few days ago. I kind of enjoyed my day with some good drama's and K-Pop.  But I feel kind of bad since I promised a friend I would be coming today and I promised her she could borrow my manga tutorial books since I don't have inspiration for drawings anymore.

Also pretty good news for the ones who want to see more photo posts, I found at least one (a very old from my mom since mine is apparently lost) battery charger, so they'll be charged tomorrow. I'll just see whatever I wanna make into a post. Maybe something about my room, clothes or whatsoever idk. If you want to see something plz comment.

My throat has gotten a lot better now. I will try to do my nails tomorrow, I didn't really feel like it today and maybe I'll make some designs for the piles of fabric that are still lingering around here.


maandag 7 januari 2013

Sore throat

Hello lovelies,
While I was really prepared to go to school again, the worst thing ever happened. I overslept big time *huge fail* I woke up and trusted myself I wouldn't fall asleep again and turned my alarm off. Then I woke up again realizing it was too late to be able to go to school. But well I hope I can be there tommorow. Maybe I should go to bed early tonight. Not that I have confidence in that since I still want to watch Cheongdamdong Alice. The OTP in there is really really killing me and I wanna know what's gonna happen now.
Also my throat is super sore and it aches like hell. I can't even swallow properly and my voice sounds so weird right now. But well talk to y'all tommorow.


Bags & Shoes

These are things I bought a long time ago. 
I saw this post lingering around just now, and I realised I never publiced it.
So here it is.

These bags are actually a present from my mom since I passed my fourth grade in High School.
She named a price and because I liked both and they were both very cheap I got them both <3

Be prepared for a lot of fanwhoring photos of my pretty shoes.
I was bored and searched for pretty objects, these shoes became victim.
These shoes have a very intresting texture.
Sadly enough I bought them when I still suffered a lot from whiplash last summer,
and I wasn't able to wear them since it's winter now.
Oh and I got them for 5€ great isn't it?



zondag 6 januari 2013

Should Stress Less Now

Last vaction day boo :(

I could hardly get out of bed this morning/midday since I slept in till a quarter for 3. And when I went downstairs my Aunt, Uncle and their children were visiting. I got a lot of hugs from my little niece again. They were both dressed up *sooo cute* they went to visit a dinosaurus museum and shopping.

Yesterday I suddenly started to think about doing a little bit of nail art again. I saw all these amazing nails from SNSD's new MV. And I thought the colors were pretty cool. I'll post the pictures below, and I will surely make a tutorial. I haven't used my nail tools for such a long time. Also I still haven't found my charger yet. It's a big relief I don't have to stress about my nails now I've become more of a mori-girl. Now my nails are just plain most of the time and I don't even bother painting them. When I tried before it always failed last moment and give me so much stress because I wanted to have my nails done before going to school and stuff.

Some plain french tip manicures from SNSD and Yoon Eun Hye (Missing You)

Colorful nails from seohyun 

And Tiffany's Pink & Black nails

But well I still have to pick some pretty clothes for tomorrow to wear. Lately I've been noticing I don't really dress up when i feel depressed and stuff, I haven't worn jewelry for ages now. But luckily I found my boys over flowers necklace back a few days ago but it isn't as sparkly as before. I kind of lost it more than four months ago. One of my NY's resolutions is to dress up more often, how stupid this may sound. But it's just that when I wear shabby clothes, I feel shabby and pretty clothes make me all happy. I will still try to think of a list of goals I'll be hoping to achieve this year, not only school related. But when I'm done thinking about it I will post them ^^


zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Last Night Staying Up

Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation :(
But my sleeping pattern is still kind of messed up. Yesterday I even went downstairs at 7 am to eat 'breakfast' which was the very delicious lasagna which was left over from the day before that. So I actually have to go to bed now but I still wanted to watch one episode of 'Missing You' but it's already so late.

Today nothing special actually happened, nothing much to write about. Just a bit tense since I have to go to school this Monday. No more staying up and waking up slowly. But I try to do more my best on school since I want to take some exams this year.

Maybe I should really get to the hairdresser this week or the week after that. My hair's getting all tangled up and it becomes very annoying to brush every time. I think I'll really miss my long curly hair. The actual problem is that I got a perm and it will be straight after I grow it out again. But well I think I'll be making a kid very happy with it and it will be much more comfortable. It's a little bit of a pity since I bought some cute hair-ties from H&M (with a discount yaay) that are so pretty, but after the haircut I would have to wait a long time to wear it. But I'll be using a lot of cute clips to keep the hair out of my face.

Also be prepared for more outfit posts, I'm hoping I can get some good pictures starting from Monday. But it's pretty dark on the time I arrive at home and I still have to find my battery charger.


Wigs Suited For Mori Kei

So I made a (wish)list of all these lovely wigs on
I think it's funny how I want these so badly but are all close to my hairstyle.
Wigs are a great option if you consider a hairstyle but don't want it to be permanent.
It's also great for changing your hairstyle more often.
They are a bit pricey, but from what I've heard the quality is amazing.
So I hope you like it  ^^

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Ringlet Collection - Auburn Rust | Model: Tin Tin | Haitham's Photography

This is defo the most amazing.
Those curls are so perfect I think it's the one I shall be buying the first.

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Lady Grace Lolita Collection - Cinnamon Scoop (Auburn Rust ) | Model: Grace Valentine | Gestalt Photographs

These curls look so whimsical, I adore the color too.

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Straight Classic - Natural Auburn Rust | Model: pixie_late | Photo: Saorise Clohessy Photography

This one is somewhat longer and again in a reddish color.
Absolutely a amzing color for Mori Kei

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Classic Wavy Casual Lolita Wig - Auburn Rust | Model: Grace Valentine | Sheila Carroll Photography

Gothic Lolita Wigs | Rhapsody in Burgundy
I love how this one is so wild <3
They have it in other amazing colors, like various shades of brown and blonde too.
I liked the brown ones too.

Rockstar Wigs | Prima Donna Collection - Chocolate Burgundy Mix | Model: Elodie de Frise | Etienne Zajega Photography


Gothic Lolita Wigs | Sweetheart Collection - Chestnut | Model: pixie_late

This one is so lovely <3