zondag 6 januari 2013

Should Stress Less Now

Last vaction day boo :(

I could hardly get out of bed this morning/midday since I slept in till a quarter for 3. And when I went downstairs my Aunt, Uncle and their children were visiting. I got a lot of hugs from my little niece again. They were both dressed up *sooo cute* they went to visit a dinosaurus museum and shopping.

Yesterday I suddenly started to think about doing a little bit of nail art again. I saw all these amazing nails from SNSD's new MV. And I thought the colors were pretty cool. I'll post the pictures below, and I will surely make a tutorial. I haven't used my nail tools for such a long time. Also I still haven't found my charger yet. It's a big relief I don't have to stress about my nails now I've become more of a mori-girl. Now my nails are just plain most of the time and I don't even bother painting them. When I tried before it always failed last moment and give me so much stress because I wanted to have my nails done before going to school and stuff.

Some plain french tip manicures from SNSD and Yoon Eun Hye (Missing You)

Colorful nails from seohyun 

And Tiffany's Pink & Black nails

But well I still have to pick some pretty clothes for tomorrow to wear. Lately I've been noticing I don't really dress up when i feel depressed and stuff, I haven't worn jewelry for ages now. But luckily I found my boys over flowers necklace back a few days ago but it isn't as sparkly as before. I kind of lost it more than four months ago. One of my NY's resolutions is to dress up more often, how stupid this may sound. But it's just that when I wear shabby clothes, I feel shabby and pretty clothes make me all happy. I will still try to think of a list of goals I'll be hoping to achieve this year, not only school related. But when I'm done thinking about it I will post them ^^


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