zondag 13 januari 2013

Enormously Lazy

I didn't do anything productive again this weekend as usual. I had a lot of fun with a my little sister and her friend who held a sleepover. Recently I've been eating very much, gained a lot of weight. But despite me becoming more healthy I had a lot of stomach aches and it's getting even worse everyday. Just been watching a lot of drama again. And tomorrow I will surely finish Priceless since the subs for the final episode are released. That will mean I finished my 100th drama :p

Tomorrow is just another school day and I really don't wanna go to be honest. Still feel depressed and stuff like that. But I decided I want to put more strength out of the things that helped me a lot a few years ago, Mori Kei and K-Pop. K-Pop never fails to make me smile and it's relaxing. As for Mori Kei it really makes me appreciate the little things in life and the joy of dressing up not for others, but just for yourself. I should really skip school less often but I just can't help it.

I'm still trying to win the battle with my camera cuz that thing never listens to me *anger*
So be prepared for another outfit post tomorrow.

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