dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Quiet Weekend

Hey there~
From now on I'll definitely write every day again since I've been tired as heck lately but get a lot of stomach aches because I don't get things of my mind by writing. This weekend was quite enjoyable. My mother went away to see her 'boyfriend' ( I really don't like her acting all cool now some weird dude loves her and stuff so I'm quite annoyed about that) but since I don't like her that much either because we always seem to interfere with each others personal business too much, I was glad to be without her for a few days. I was alone with my little sister and sometimes she kind of annoys me too since she's kind of messy and I'm a total clean freak. But she's okay I guess. I slept a lot but was still tired in the night, and was already half asleep at the time I always blog. But yesterday I suddenly had too much stomach aches and decided to stay home. It's a really inconvenient timing since I already have too much sick leave and stuff. But I tried to work a little on my homework and even learned a whole history chapter for a test I probably have to take tomorrow now. Well, it doesn't matter (or well it actually does but I'll try not to care about it much) if my teacher will scold me or not, since to me it was a slight improvement.

Other subject~ I got some HUUUGE bargains online. I found a underwater camera, an analogue one of course, for just 10 dollars including shipping costs. It arrived today in the mail. I'm not a big fan of swimming since I totally dislike my body and will never wear a swimming suit and all that. But once I overcome that (or before that) I think it will be great to experiment with water without worrying if the camera will get wet or not. The camera actually takes good quality pictures. And there was the best bargain ever~ 15 Kodak Ektachrome 100 films, from which 6 were expired in 2005 and the others in 1999. And for all that + shipping costs he asked me to pay 35€!!! But we still have to finish the payment and shipping etc. so I hope that will go well. Just reconsider that these films cost 12/13€ at the lomography store makes me so incredibly happy with my bargain.

I had some huge dramathon today, I watched like nine episodes now, and I'll finish it off with the new episode of Flower Boy Next Door. I totally adore this drama, it has such a Mori-feel to it. <3

Also I think I'll start searching for the cable to my twinsister camera (which she lend me) since it has no power anymore. Or think of a solution for the battery problem with my own camera. This device is just acting so troublesome. It doesn't want me to show you pictures apparently :(
And well since I have a lack of pictures on here, just bragging about my new baby (not my picture)


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