zaterdag 5 januari 2013

Last Night Staying Up

Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation :(
But my sleeping pattern is still kind of messed up. Yesterday I even went downstairs at 7 am to eat 'breakfast' which was the very delicious lasagna which was left over from the day before that. So I actually have to go to bed now but I still wanted to watch one episode of 'Missing You' but it's already so late.

Today nothing special actually happened, nothing much to write about. Just a bit tense since I have to go to school this Monday. No more staying up and waking up slowly. But I try to do more my best on school since I want to take some exams this year.

Maybe I should really get to the hairdresser this week or the week after that. My hair's getting all tangled up and it becomes very annoying to brush every time. I think I'll really miss my long curly hair. The actual problem is that I got a perm and it will be straight after I grow it out again. But well I think I'll be making a kid very happy with it and it will be much more comfortable. It's a little bit of a pity since I bought some cute hair-ties from H&M (with a discount yaay) that are so pretty, but after the haircut I would have to wait a long time to wear it. But I'll be using a lot of cute clips to keep the hair out of my face.

Also be prepared for more outfit posts, I'm hoping I can get some good pictures starting from Monday. But it's pretty dark on the time I arrive at home and I still have to find my battery charger.


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