vrijdag 4 januari 2013

New Computer & Clean Room


I'm now blogging from my new laptop. I absolutely hated it at first. It had Windows 8 (never used it) and everything about it annoyed me. The only thing that I saw as a good point was the bigger screen so I could watch my Oppa's better *die-hard fangirl* There are like all these apps on the startscreen and I couldn't find anything I needed. But now I'm somewhat more used to it. I figured you could just remove useless apps from the startscreen and now it has gotten much more organised and I like the extra application, it makes you able to browse better on the internet without opening too much tabs. You can easily see your new msn, hotmail and fb messages even when you don't have it open in your internet tabs. It's also quicker. There is also a very cool app for painting (which seems very real) and games and for the weather. But maybe it's better my laptop died, it wouldn't even react when I put a disc or SD-card in it. It was stupid, I love that I can now put the SD-card in my laptop when I want to upload photo's quickly and my cable is like always playing hide-and-seek.

Yesterday I talked with a friend who also likes Japanese clothing styles and such. But she mentioned a site for gothic lolita wigs that also has a large amount of other wigs suited for other styles. She already has a blonde gyaru wig ordered from there. And those wigs are so gorgeous, makes me want one too. But they are kind of pricey. I made a list of the ones I liked and are suited for Mori-Kei and Mori-Gyaru. I'll be uploading it tomorrow or so. 

Today I did a little bit of cleaning since I lost an important USB-stick. *shame on me* It looks a lot better and cleaner now. Although I didn't find it sadly enough. Tomorrow I will organize my closet again. It's a total mess again and I like to keep certain colors items on one stack. Otherwise I won't be able to see what I have and what I can wear.
Maybe I'll still make a post about my room since it's clean now and I'll (hopefuly) be moving out soon. Today I realized I should definitely take better care of my jewelry. I had it stored in the bathroom all along in one big box not even neatly organised. But now I found some earrings that were always gold but they were all rusty now. But I don't know maybe I like them better this way, better suited for mori kei also they now have this vintage look. 
I felt bad kind of bad today. I was insecure again and not really feeling happy. But my sister bought really delicious doughnut luckily so I'll just go eat some of them now.
Be sure to check out my wig post and I'll talk to you guys later.

It is made with the painting app on my computer.
Looks real doesn't it?
I like how these strokes are so like real paintings.
And yes this is a very abstract painting symbolizing my feelings atm.
My mind is really a mess lately I have been totally stressed out.

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