woensdag 30 januari 2013

Finally Pictures~ yeaah

Hello everyone~!!! ^^
I fixed my battery problem now and my camera is working again. I also got the charger of the borrowed camera of my twinsister back so I would still have a replacement if one breaks down again. I had a lot of stress yesterday and was in the worst mood ever. Check my outfit picture below ^^
Currently I'm struggling a lot with school, especially history. For some reason it makes me totally mad, aggressive etc. I really don't want to do it, but I have my exams this year which would be a total disaster. But well I have to face it tomorrow again, I really don't wanna do that and I feel like running away again. I also fear feeling lonely again since I haven't seen most of my friends for a few days now. Everything seems much worse without them being around at this place I already hate so much: school. But apparently I left a book I borrowed from my twinsister there (well hopefully it's there since I searched all over the place and still couldn't find it) And I was really dying to read the last chapters of it. Such a shame.

But I also found a lot of other books as I already mentioned and temporary claimed them. I'm turning into a bibliophile again I guess :p I suddenly remembered this time when I didn't have a laptop, I was reading every night till I felt sleepy. I always borrowed books from the local library but soon I read all the (dutch) books there, and I got a laptop. So for a very long time I didn't feel the need to read. Gosh, I missed out on so much. I especially like old english books. Currently I'm reading 'Looking For Alaska' by John Green. I like this main charachter Alaska really much. She bought a lot of books in garage sales and places like that and like that, she stored a lot of books and called it 'her life's library'. Such a great plan, want to do that too, but the books I came across were a bit too expensive to just by without knowing if it was any good or not.

These are the books I currently abducted from her room, I look forward to reading them. Some are bought a long time ago, like the Vampire Diaries one. We bought it on a London trip a 2 years ago I thought. And I still didn't read the last book of the Alex Rider series, such a shame, it's the best series ever. I already read the cather in the rye, and really enjoyed it. The way it was written was absolutely lovely. Most of these books are fantasy, it's her favorite genre. 

It's such a long time since I wore heels. I felt great wearing them, a little bit uncomfortable at first since it felt like the first time in my life. It took a while to get used to it. Although only wearing stockings made me feel very cold, I was shivering the whole day, but it was worth it. I could really wear a thermo legging underneath it. But it would be even colder with bare foot so I compromised like this since I really wanted to wear them. The stockings are made with a fabric which is a bit irritating to my skin, hopefully I can replace them someday with somewhat more expensive and better stocking from H&M since this were regular drugstore ones. I really love pink, and that's probably the only thing that makes my style a little bit more Mori-Gyaru than just Mori Kei. I really have too much pink items for a Mori Girl, but I forbid myself to buy even more pink since it would be harder to coordinate outfits when all you have is pink :(

I found a necklace for my 'wedding ring' it's just a gift from a friend, it's a SHINee ring and has Onew's name and birth-date on it. We always claim to be married to each other and our idols. I also wear my Boys Over Flowers necklace replica. Still love that one ^^ I also got two beautiful rings from my mom a while ago. But they don't fit me *cries* She got it from her mother and my grandma apparently got it from her mother too I thought. Feels so great receiving such a gift, even though we're always fighting. They must be very old. I LOVE old things, if you didn't know already. But hopefully I find some magic trick that will make the rings fit.

I love the right one the most, it has this antique Mori Kei look right?
And the color is absolutely beautiful.

My wedding ring :p

I hope you enjoyed all these pictures and endless talk. Tomorrow I'll surely be uploading a outfit picture again. I hope you'll like it, since I want to share my unusual outfits with other Mori Girls, since there are too less blogs :(


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