woensdag 9 januari 2013

So as I promised....

Hey guys
I finally shot some pictures this afternoon. My day was pretty tiresome. It takes a lot of motivation to actually GO to school and coming there I would do nothing much really except for reading English literature. So I've been hella tired for more than half an hour now but my drama's are calling :(
Just saw some parts of the first episode of 'Flower Boy Next Door' I have to say it looks very appealing. And there needs to be a replacement for 'The King Of Drama's' in my drama-watch-schedule right :p After finishing this blogpost I'll just only watch the latest episode of 'Cheongdamdong Alice' I have huge cravings for that drama, but not sure if I can finish an entire episode. Should be going early to bed sometime soon I guess.

But well enough about drama's, I suddenly forgot a lot I wanted to mention in today's blogpost *blanked out* but I'll write about that tomorrow then. At dinner my little sister and me were in a good mood I guess, we were watching Super Junior M's new MV and I told her I thought it was sad that Siwon didn't appear in the dance parts. And then she just said: Yeah I think so too. But somehow it was that funny that I even spitted out my fanta and it came in my hair. So I had to wash my hair again :(

So here are the promised pictures. I just wore a blue panda sweater and a dress underneath it. The dress is always used as a skirt in most of my coordinates, the material is so light and soft but it doesn't feel cold. Gonna wear it tommorow again I think but with other pieces. And since long time I got a remark about the weather which a little kid didn't acknowledge for skirts. But I have a thermolegging underneath my brown legging. It's even showing a little bit on the right photo, need to fix my clothes before taking pictures ^^ And I don't look that good on most pictures :p This is a bit of a more laid-back gyaru outfit, I've been switching between Mori Gyaru and Mori Kei a lot lately.

Also I tried to get rid of my bad mood and painted my nails. I wanted to do the Seohyun nail-art from I got a boy, those colors are so bright and happy. But then I discovered I didn't have the supplies. Most of my nailpolishes are old and I also tried to revive them by diluting them. But some just couldn't be saved. It's a pity I'm practically broke atm and all since I should stack up some more on the primary and secondary colors (so I can also mix when I need a certain shade) I have too many glittery polishes and stuff like that. I went over to my twin-sister's room but that was just the same story. But well at least I'm glad I used my nail-art supplies since ages again.

And these are the lovely elastic bands I got from H&M, I figured they are annoying when you wear them with ponytails because it will be non-stop tickling your ears and stuff so I decided not to wear them since I didn't have enough time for braiding. But I'll look how they go with braids they're at least very pretty.


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