dinsdag 8 januari 2013

Really Really Last Day Of Vacation Now

Hi Mori girls and guys~!!!
Tomorrow I'll be sadly really going to school. I suddenly got a flu or something. My mother said I didn't look healthy enough for school so I just trusted her and stayed home. I actually wanted to go to school since I've been home for 2 weeks straight now. But I'll just be trying again tomorrow. Lol I think I got infected by my little nephew when he visited a few days ago. I kind of enjoyed my day with some good drama's and K-Pop.  But I feel kind of bad since I promised a friend I would be coming today and I promised her she could borrow my manga tutorial books since I don't have inspiration for drawings anymore.

Also pretty good news for the ones who want to see more photo posts, I found at least one (a very old from my mom since mine is apparently lost) battery charger, so they'll be charged tomorrow. I'll just see whatever I wanna make into a post. Maybe something about my room, clothes or whatsoever idk. If you want to see something plz comment.

My throat has gotten a lot better now. I will try to do my nails tomorrow, I didn't really feel like it today and maybe I'll make some designs for the piles of fabric that are still lingering around here.


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