donderdag 6 september 2012

Worst & Best Day Ever

These 2 first days of school were totally the opposite of each other, it all started Wednesday.
Wednesday was my official first day. I had a lot of stress about the the travelling and my new classmates. I am really easily stressed so I worry about the most stupid and little things. I luckily arrived on time and without any hardships (except my worries then). And because I didn't know where my classroom was, I searched for my teacher and she pointed me the right direction. I first went to greet my friends who sadly weren't in the same class as me and they were all very excited to see me because they missed me the other 2 days. So yes, I got a lot of hugs :p me likez. But the fun was soon over. I just entered my classroom and I immediately saw the face of the person I loathe the most on this earth. Then I just choose a seat and threw my stuff on it not caring  if some other person sat there (or well I tried to inform but my other classmates didn't know about it)
After a while a tardy person came. And yes, I didn't really like him either. He always keeps on talking and talking not noticing people aren't interested in him or his stories and tries to be all social while nobody likes him and he is always really annoying and interrupting conversations.
So I really disliked my class, the other people weren't really social either in my first opinion, and I really wanted to do everything just to get another class.

Today was really asum. I met another K-Pop fan. Not someone that just vaguely knows some Korean singers and such but a die-hard-fan. And even better, she is my new classmate~!!! I really cannot believe such a miracle happened. I am still not really accustomed to my new class and usual sleeping habits, and because I do some kind of independent kind of schooling system I can do whatever I want (with a bit of consultation of my teacher) So I also had a huge headache and wasn't feeling really well I couldn't really concentrate on the assignments and got distracted. So I talked a lot with her, gave her a little tour and when she was gone I borrowed the Ouran High School Host Club manga my friend took with her to school. So I've done no really useful stuff but I had fun. I think of taking another day off tomorrow and starting for real this Monday.  When I came home it already was really late but despite that I really wanted some relaxation. So I went out to make some photos, my twinsister even let me borrow her Canon 550D. Such a cutie she is. It really helped and my headache disappeared. I am still not accustomed to my bedtime since I should've already gone to bed by now >__<
such a shame on me.


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