dinsdag 30 april 2013

Yesterday, late post ^^

Sorry for neglecting you guys for a few days again D:
Been busy with all kinds of stuff and didn't have the energy left for blogposts. Yesterday I had a fun day and went out with my twinsister.

I wanted to have a trip to the mall a while ago which I told you guys about. But well after all I couldn't go because of my foolishness. And I went yesterday with my twinsister since I hadn't meet her in a while. We first visited our favorite jewelry store and then we had lunch. I promised her a while ago that I would buy her some choco pie I had there before, and we got some bread with it. She treated me to some hot choco and we had a very big meal.

We still looked for clothes for a while even though we wouldn't able to afford it anyway. Finally we still visited our favorite bookshop, which sells second hand books too. She bought a book which I don't know. I even bought two books, one by Bram Stoker and an informative book about astrology which I was looking for. I got some b-day money from my grandmother so better spend it right away XD
On my way back I saw the most beautiful flowers and I had to take tons of pictures of it which made me miss my train, but it was totally worth it.

Tommorow I'll write about today since I don't have much time and such i'm sorry :p but got late home and such. But tell you the details about that~


woensdag 24 april 2013


This saturday I went out, told you about it in my previous post right? It caused me to be enormously stressed out, and my agoraphobia kind of returned and I was feeling really depressed. The exhibition was wonderful, I was totally amazed by his great work. And we could even pay less than we thought because I read the sign wrong, 18-year-olds could still get a ticket for 2€ which was very cheap. But unfortunately my sister was a bit ill, and had to stand in line for the toilets for like an hour or even more (she went two times which came out very badly) and with that she kind of fucked up my schedule. I wanted to shop at the market too since I can't find clothes in normal clothing shops. But because I only planned somewhat more than an hour for that we had to drop it because of her toilettrip, which made me very dissapointed and annoyed.

At the end of the day I only got one shirt and a lot of rubbish from Primark. I spend like 27€ there and with some products I wondered if I really needed it afterwards, but can't easily return it now since it's like miles away. I think I will still make seperate posts for all my Jean Paul Gaultier spam and a haul. But my mother said she would buy other train tickets so we could go shopping at places that I like, instead of all those trendy shops that won't sell mori-clothes *sad face* In my opinion it just looks like she wants to go out on a trip with me since I could've gone alone, but well :p

Today I planned to go to the mall in the town I go to school, to return my shorts at H&M. But unfortunately I totally forgot the receipt. So I went to the mall in my hometown and scored some ice-cream. They have delicious white-chocolate and raspberry which I love, especially in combination with ice-cream. I talked to the lomo-store man and he looked like he was glad seeing me again since such a long time. Now I finally have some new film again, they didn't sell it for a long while since they had trouble receiving them or something. And my full rolls will now be processed.

Also I saw the ending of Iris 2 and I was sooo freaking disappointed, can't believe it was like the ending of the first season all over again. And I really hoped it would be better :c


vrijdag 19 april 2013


Hey guys~
Tomorrow i'm going to do some fun things again wheehee ^^
I'm so freaking excited and stressed out. I just keep on thinking about all the things that can go wrong and such, which always makes end up staying at home. *that sentence was so grammatically incorrect but I'm sleepy so forgive me* A while ago I bought some of those cheap train tickets and they allow you to travel the whole day to any place you want. I'm going with my twinsister and I have a lot of plans:

-The primark (we only have a few in our country so it's special)
- Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition
- Market
- Shopping in Amsterdam

For this we have to go like 3/4 different places, 4 times riding the train and going to 3 cities. I have a lot of shopping money. A while ago I bought 2 items from H&M some shorts and a skirt. But since I'm trying to gain a bit of weight and am unhealthy as hell, I won't fit into size small when I reached my limit. So I have to return it, but it looks so good/amazing/sexy/gorgeous as hell XD I just thought shorts would be a very fun twist on my usual mori kei. But the skirt I bought fitted amazingly good. It was only a bit expensive for me, usually I don't even pay 10€ for a simple skirt.
I did a lot of planning tonight and such, and I was totally stressed out because of it. I always lose my mind when I have to plan big stuff in a very short while and nobody gives me any space to do it (family members were annoying while I was busy) And my twinsister wasn't of any help too, she just expect me to be her tour guide apparently. But well I expect to buy a lot there, I really need new clothes.

And damn soo freaking exited for the exhibition. I really hope we will even be able to find it though since it's somewhere in a park and I don't freaking know the city.... But I love designerstuff, as most of my readers probably know my dream-profession XD My sister already saw it with school, her photos were amay-zing.

But well I will just finish blogging for today and prepare the rest of my stuff D: which will probably give me way to much stress but has to be done anyway. Stay updated for a long post again XD *with a whole freaking lot of pictures.


dinsdag 16 april 2013

Second 18 Birthday

My little sister mentioned yesterday that I should come home today and I was a bit curious why. But I had a very stressful day at school and I kind of forgot about it. I had to make some kind of report about poems and it was ***** hard :c I came home very tired, I almost fell asleep in the bus and I was starving since my stomach is like empty, even when I just ate. My appetite suddenly rose enormously. But when I came home she send me upstairs for a little while and I could only come back when she called me. Afterwards she showed me this cake and it looked so mega delicious. It was just a small pity she got it after school ended and it was still frozen :c And apparently something went a little bit wrong with the candles since there was like candle grease over the cake, which caused it to be a lot more colorful though XD And she didn't even count the candles well, so there were 17 instead of 18 but well I got my cake so I won't complain.

And I noticed since I got back I am way behind my drama schedule *cries* I even dropped 'Substitute Princess' since it was the least intresting drama I was watching, but I think I will continue it later. And I still plan on watching the rest of the recently airing dramas that just started. Sooo much to watch yet. And I am very excited for the final episodes of Iris this week, i am now watching episode 15 and hope to finish it before Thursday.


zondag 14 april 2013

Back And Mature?

Yes, I was absent again and I'm very sorry for that. Some stuff happened at home, then I got kind of kicked out. Then I didn't have a real place to stay for like a week and now I'm back again. It was a horrible week. And I turned 18, so I couldn't even celebrate it properly. However it was a great excuse to crash at my best friend's place and also celebrate his birthday. We have the same birthday, I think it's really cool and I actually wanted to celebrate it with him since I got to know it a bit less then a year ago. He actually had to work in his family business. But he picked me up at the train station and we went by the supermarket to get a lot of food, since a lot of food was my only birthday wish. We got some american chocolate cookies, chocolate waffles, M&M's and white chocolate. I had a very relaxed weekend. Furthermore I don't have much interesting stuff that I feel a need to share with
*my english got pretty bad since it's really late and everything

I also got some wonderful books~
they are those collections of famous writers
I got the Jane Austen and Sherlock for my bday and bought the other in American Book Centre.


maandag 1 april 2013

The Last Few Days~

Hey there~
I had a few days off since Thursday. Tomorrow I'll be going to school again. Wednesday I already made some kimbap for the friend I was staying with. And I was the rest of the afternoon busy preparing things for my trip and packing my bags. I left very early that morning. I got up even before 8 since I was so excited to leave home and have fun.

The travelling was very stressful and I couldn't even find the right tram. And even when I finally did, I almost lost my mp4 but some Chinese girl was my lifesaver. Eventually I got to the zoo, for which I had some discount tickets. I found out recently that they had a planetarium and right after that I found the discount tickets. It was the perfect chance since I've wanted to see a planetarium for a while now. It was a very cool zoo, and after a while I even found my way easily. I made a lot of pictures and the weather was quite good. I chilled such a long time in the aquarium, it was a really cool place and very peaceful. I just liked sitting there on a bench and looking at these uncommon fishes. I returned like three or four times. Also it was warmer there since it was inside. And the planetarium was unbelievably gorgeous. I don't regret going there after all, it was such a great experience for a star-loving person.

After that my friend picked me up from the station and I spend two nights at his place. Saturday I left and visited my twinsister that afternoon. We planned to give our leggings a galaxy print with textile paint. However mine really failed and hers looked asum. She cooked macaroni for me and it tasted a bit weird, but it was vega-macaroni ('meat is so expensive') so that was nice. Later on we we went to the cinema. I didn't like the movie very much and after a while I found out the person who was sitting in front of us was the person I hate so freaking much.

But i'll have some other cup of tea now and go to bed soon since I have to wake up early again ;__;