vrijdag 26 juli 2013

Unexpected sleepover

Since the beginning of the week I have been feeling really bad again. There are so much things on my mind at the moment and it is driving me crazy. Tuesday I went to inform for renting a room and it seemed like my chances became even smaller and even more expensive. On top of that it was really hot and I really don't like extreme weather.
Wednesday my stomach aches (I get those when I'm totally stressed out) got really bad and I decided to leave the house for a moment since being here gives me even more stress. My boyfriend was seeing some friends that afternoon and dragged me along :p The girl we visited had her own pool (lucky) and it was slightly colder but still very hot. The water was so nice and even though I couldn't really swim since I still have no swimwear I really enjoyed the water. I didn't even go into the water but since everyone was having fun my clothes got soaking wet. However we were having fun for too long so I had to stay over.

Tomorrow I will do some fun things with my twinsister but I'll keep you updated <3


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